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Literacy scheme of work / advice required for post 16 learners who have SEN

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by rickyp1986, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. I work in a college which caters for students with SEN. I recently joined the college and have noticed that there is no scheme of work in place because supply teachers have been covering the classes.
    The students have very limited literacy skills in some cases eg: lack of spelling, alphabet and speech. On the other hand, I have students who have fantastic speaking skills but cannot write what they want to say.
    There are limited resources, and the only resources online seem only appropriate for primary learners - not age appropriate.
    My concern is that the students have huge gaps in their literacy skills, and wondering whether I should go back to basics (even if it's 15minutes at the start of the lesson where they practise spellings).
    If anyone has a scheme of work / resources / advice that they'd like to share, please feel free
    I appreciate your help
  2. If you email m, I can send you a list of the resources I send out on a CD. There is information and examples on my website about the original CD which was for primary age children. I now have a second CD which has the same resources but I have changed most of the pictures to be more suitable for older pupils. I can send examples of complete resources. Although they were originally made for dyslexic pupils, I have used them with pupils who have reading & spelling difficulties for other reasons such as general learning difficulties.
    email: margaret2612@btinternet.com
    website: www.helpingdyslexia.co.uk


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