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Literacy- recipes- child working between p2-7

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by gomeoggle, Nov 7, 2015.

  1. gomeoggle

    gomeoggle New commenter

    The topic I have been given for Literacy is 'Recipes' which I've not taught as a literacy topic before. I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas of how to go about teaching this topic. I've started off with using a book 'Mr Wolf and The Three Bears'. In the story they begin with washing their hands before cooking so for my lowest ability I changed this section into a sensory story and they've then done various messy play using cooking tools (mashers, spoons, whisks) and this has been followed with washing hands to a song and hand massage.

    For my mid to high ability over the week I have read the first part of the story and then we thought about what they would need to wash their hands (each had a bag with filled with some things which were relevant e.g. soap and towel and some things that were not e.g. brush and toothpaste). They then washed their hands and we took photos. They have ordered the photos and then matched symbol sentences to the photos to complete a booklet on how to wash your hands.

    I'm a little stuck on how to move forward , whether I'm on the right lines in the activities I'm doing for their levels. Literacy isn't my strongest area so I'd really appreciate thoughts. I would like to do more practical and hands on activities.

    Any ideas would be greatly received!
  2. sofia_sen

    sofia_sen Occasional commenter

    I had instructional writing last year for a similar ability group and did the same sort of activities. Not the same book but our overall theme was "water" so we did washing hands. The group that made their own book also read out their book to another adult as an extension.

    We did a similar activity with this video:

    For the lowest one (p3) it was sensory (ice cubes, blowing through a straw, drinking through a straw), for the higher ones (p5-p8) it was making the drink.

    Once they were used to following instructions, we used that for them to conduct simple science experiments, again with water, eg: sink and float. So they had a paper with the instructions (made in inprint, so they followed the symbols more than words) and they followed that. Same for simple cooking like making a fruit salad.

    The highest ones in my class (p7/8) used their photographs from the washing hands and put them in a PowerPoint, with help from the adults of course. They had great fun coming up with the captions (adult would type it) and then played around with the fonts and animations. They then presented their presentations to the rest of the class.

    The PowerPoints were amazing and I swear some of them were better at animations than some of the TAs at the end ;)!

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