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Literacy planning Y6 Post Sats

Discussion in 'Primary' started by The Red Heron, May 22, 2011.

  1. The Red Heron

    The Red Heron New commenter

    This is just so helpful jon, thank you so much!
    Anybody else with any ideas or literacy units which work well at this time of yr? Many thanks
  2. No worries.
    Forgot to mention - in the final week, when the kids are all at different stages of publishing their adventure books, we have an extension of producing a guide entitled: "How to survive in 6xx". This is always pretty funny, and the kids enjoy highlighting your little foibles.
    Always nice to show the new kids in September.
  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    We are doing a storytelling week where children will write a story and make a book for a year 1/rec child.

    We will do the theme park maths project in maths and children will do some literacy based on that.

    In the past I have used a child's version of a Shakespeare play as a start for art/drama/music/dt/writing/etc.

    I like to just choose a book for the last half term and base more or less everything around it.
  4. <font size="2">Last year I did a topic based around Superheroes.

    The children made a Superhero scrapbook. This consisted of:

    - designing a superhero - drawing/colouring picture
    - designing an arch enemy/enemies
    - making a business card for him/her
    - writing a short story about one of his/her adventures
    - drawing a comic strip about one of his/her adventures
    - writing a biography
    - designing a movie poster
    - writing a film review
    - writing book blurb
    - making Top Trump cards for superhero/arch enemies

    and anything else I could think of as I went along.

    The girls probably enjoyed it more than the boys! Some of them did a tongue-in-cheek Superhero(ine) who sprang into action when someone had a bad hair day - their weapons were straightening irons and a hair dryer. Their arch enemy was a woman who had dry hair with badly split ends.

    They drew the GHD logo on the front of her (very pretty) Superhero outfit!

    It was really good fun. I can recommend it.</font>
    <font size="2">I have uploaded my plans, together with my resources. This includes a video I got from YouTube which I used as a stimulus. There is about 3 weeks worth of work in this unit.

    I have put the files into a zipped folder and you can download them here:
    </font>http://www.box.net/shared/24tc04t4ni<font size="2">

    They take about 3 minutes to download - presumably because of the video.

    Feel free to use any of the files / all of the files as you wish.</font>
    <font size="2">Also, I've just come across this site http://thewritersideoflife.wordpress.com/2010/06/03/tuesday-by-david-wiesner-lesson-ideas/ which looks interesting. We use Tuesday in Year 5 at my school, but if no-one uses it in your school, I think this website has some really great ideas linked to the book.</font>
  5. JanMc91

    JanMc91 New commenter

    This is fabulous. Thank you so much.

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