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Literacy & Numeracy outdoors, help needed!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by michelleh100, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Hi Im sorry to be another person to ask you but could you please send me the document too? would be very grateful ;-) Thanks
  2. I'm the original post starter and think this is fab! Thanks so much its really got me thinking. Do you have any literacy ideas? [​IMG]
  3. Have you had a look at our outdoor learning newsletter. You should find some useful resources there
    Outdoor learning
    We've also got a couple of outdoor learning experts ready to answer any questions you might have on any aspect of outdoor learning.
    Outdoor learning forum
    Best wishes
  4. Hi, please could you send me a copy, would be a great help. ta.
  5. Some amazing and fantastic ideas......
  6. I just has an observation incorporating shape, space and number into the outdoors...

    I did shape hunt (with a treasure map), baskets for them to sort the shapes into afterwards.
    Labelled the boots for the mud pit (small, medium, large) x CLL
    Had blocks with labels one block, two blocks, three blocks with corresponding labels and then spaces for them to carry on the sequence.
    I put labels everywhere- e.g. 3 children only (when in the mud), they were soon realising there were too many so children came out voluntarily.
    Had large paper stuck to table/ or floor and them to trace around the shapes ( I then questioned them regarding, its corners, edges etc)
    I stuck number labels randomly around the environment and the children began to collect them in order too.
    I had a washing line with jumbled up numbers so they could reorder.
    I had some coloured lego/ blocks and displayed them in patterns, this encouraged them to do the same.
    On our large chalkboard- I made large square boxes and wrote some random odds and evens so the children had to think about the numbers- This followed naturally into problem solving (they were not tall enough to reach some numbers), so they used language such as tall, short etc. and realised they had to add 'one more' block to be tall enough.-- Amazin observation on that child.

    Anyway, hope this helps
  7. Hi

    Would it be possible for you to upload the document for those who wish to receive the document? I ended up doing this with my observation sheets as I was inundated with requests for them.
    I did request a while ago but didn't get a reply, probably due to the high demand.

    Thanks for your time.


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