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Literacy & Numeracy outdoors, help needed!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by michelleh100, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Hi I'm struggling to think of some good quality Literacy and Numeracy focus activities outdoors. Any suggestions?
  2. Hi I'm struggling to think of some good quality Literacy and Numeracy focus activities outdoors. Any suggestions?
  3. Hi I have a doc for numeracy outdoors, I could send you that.
  4. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    It may help if you think of the outdoor area as just an extention of your classroom, where you can do larger scale activities that do not involve sitting at tables.
    A lovely activity I do that you can use either for literacy or maths is to draw shapes on the flooring area you have or use hoops.
    Shapes: a vareity of shapes big enough for at least 4 childrne to stand in
    you tell the children they are to run around the area whilst you shake tambourine or bang drum (whatever instrument), when you stop they are to stand in a circle
    you can extend this to 3 chidlren in a triangle
    or stand in a shape with 3 sides
    1 curved edge etc....
    Literacy: you could add key words to the shape, then ask them to stand in a shape with the word or short sentences.....stand in the shape with the sentence that begins...................
    Hide parts of a sentence, (large laminated) childrne have to find the sentence strips and get in the correct groups for the sentences to make sense
    hide pictures of stories...........children find the pictures and sequence in the correct order then make a sentence together to go with the story
    Whilst covering Jack and the beanstalkm, I drew a large beanstalk outside with random numbers to 20 on the leaves, the children used the sandtimer to try and jump in the correct order
    some children to support number recogniton had to pick a card and find the matching number, you could also get them to pick a number and find the number 1 more or 1 less
  5. could i please too. Sorry to jump on board!
  6. hello another request for numeracy outdoors document would be soooo grateful.

  7. Would love that. Do you need my email? Or is there another way?
  8. Hi could I be really cheeky and ask for the document too. Thank you for your time.

  9. Hi Magmac please please please could you send me a copy too? Thanks in advance my email is elliejones25@ntlworld.com
    Literacy outdoors - I often do phonics outside, water painting graphemes or use chalk and the children go over with water and a paint brush. Huge paper and different mark making materials encourages the boys. Lucky dip - phonemes items hidden in sand or shredded paper and children say sounds do action or record using markmaking equipment. Start with initial sounds and differentiate to include all sounds of the word.

    Numeracy - Skittles with numbers on - calculating total. Points system recorded on whiteboard. Throw bean bags into a hoop 1 point for each item etc. How many altogether?
    Shape hunt around the outdoor area.
    Order numbers 0-20 see ********** site as they often have some lovely resources.
    Positional language trail. Hunt for class toy. Leave clues with positional language clues - written by (teddy) asking them to travel over, under next to etc until they get to his hiding place and find him!
    Just a couple of ideas hope they help.
  10. OK Sent!
  11. Ok Sent!
  12. Hiya,
    Could I also be cheeky and ask for a copy of the outdoors document [​IMG]

    Thanks so much, Rebecca xx
    email is bek_79@hotmail.com
  13. OK Sent!
  14. OK Sent!

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