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Literacy Lesson Interview - Any ideas

Discussion in 'Primary' started by nadeemshaikhuk, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. nadeemshaikhuk

    nadeemshaikhuk New commenter

    In a couple of weeks, I have an interview lesson observation at the school where I am on my PGCE placement (for a NQT position). I am already familiar with the children (YEAR 2) and have taught them already, so thats a plus. I have to carry out a 45min literacy lesson and was wondering if anyone had any ideas what I could do (I can teach whatever topic/theme).
    Do I need to take into consideration the fact that in their normal literacy lesson, activities are differentiated.
    Any thoughts/ideas, would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
  2. What is your learning objective?
    What are your ideas?
    Surely you would differentiate regardless of whether you knew the class or not?! [​IMG]
  3. Pick a really good story book that you love and do some activities around this. Your enthusiasm will really come across and you'll feel more confident.
  4. Rollo1986

    Rollo1986 New commenter

    Have the school used any of the pie corbett ideas? Ive been using some ideas and they are really good - you could get them to do a story mountain, planning the different parts of their own stories using a book they are familiar with (likr thr gruffalo) and change the character?
    I would do a bit of role play in your input too :)
    Good luck
  5. nadeemshaikhuk

    nadeemshaikhuk New commenter

    I was thinking of reading a book as i can really bring out some drama and fun (my strong points). I may
    go for "the gruffalo" or could you recommend another book. My focus may be that i read the book, then stop at an exciting/even sudden part of the book and then ask the chn to write what happens next (in a picture story). I can emphasise that they use there imagination, adjectives, adverbs etc (what would be my learning objective?) and model on whiteboard what they need to do.
    I can diiferentiate with telling low ability group to draw what happens next. Other groups can write and draw.

    For the plenary, i pick out chn to read/explain what they have come up with.

    Do you think this is possible in a 45 min lesson.

  6. I would not use the gruffalo for the activity you describe as the story is too well known so the children will just write or draw what they know comes next! Use a story that they may not have read, such as the tunnel by Anthony Browne...much better points to stop in this story too! I think the activity seems a bit long for 45 mins though and also think even LA Year 2s should be doing more than drawing...my Year 1s don't get away with that!

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