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Literacy hour

Discussion in 'English' started by lou1, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. lou1

    lou1 New commenter

    I am currently working abroad and doing some research on the way Literacy is taught in the UK.
    I wondered if people would mind giving me some feedback on the way Literacy is taught in their schools.

    Q1. Is Literacy hour still taught in schools (15 shared work, 15 whole class work, 20 group or independent work, 10 whole class work) or do you use a more flexible system. What do you do in each of those sections?

    2. If you don't use Literacy hour or teach in a higher grade what are your timetables for teaching Literacy - e.g. how long do you spend teaching it each day, what percentage of time do you spend teaching each component, how much cross-curricular work do you do?

    Thank you!!!
  2. this is probably a more appropriate question for the primary school forum. secondary schools don't tend to have literacy on their timetables ...
  3. lou1

    lou1 New commenter

    Thank you - will do.

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