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Literacy - Hamilton Y4 - including grammar and punctuation lessons...What to do!?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Teacher1974, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. I like to plan normal Literacy lessons for a few weeks then have a blast on all the little things that have been bugging me like apostrophes in the wrong place, poor comma use etc. We try to plan a week of spelling/grammar/punctuation follow-up in between the units if we can. It means shortening some units but, if my class's writing levels are anything to go by, very effective so far this year!

  2. Sorry if this is a dud question but do you plan these actually on paper (in lesson plan format) with a starter, main and plenary even when your objective is likely to be to use apostrophes? Just thinking about how I should be doing things!
  3. Not a dud question - everyone does things differently! I plan on a Literacy grid that I use for all Literacy lessons, with teacher input, activities, plenary etc.
    I try to start with a text and link to, say apostrophes, from that and will usually refer to the children's own work if it's a common error within the class. I might ask some children to find some examples in their books where I have praised their apostrophe use and share it with their group. We'll then do individual whiteboard work and IWB work (invite children to correct my work, ask them to hunt for examples in their reading books and share examples with the class etc) and move on to some work sheet based activities. Then we'll have a plenary.
    If it's only a brief lesson, I may have two teaching points e.g. apostrophes and use of past tense. Alternatively, I might do the grammar bit before doing a comprehension activity.
    I should add, however, that I am lucky enough to work in an excellent school with great SATs results where we are allowed free rein with our plans
    Hope that helps!

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