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Literacy and Numeracy in a mixed FS/Year class

Discussion in 'Primary' started by choralsongster, May 6, 2012.

  1. choralsongster

    choralsongster New commenter

    <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td class="post">I have been teaching a mixed Nursery/Reception class for the last 6 years, and generally it works well. However, for pupil number reasons, next year we will have a mixed Nursery/Reception and Year 1 class.
    I am trying to get my head around a mixed key stage class. Obviously, I will have the same kids, so am at an advantage with where they will all be. My question is, do Year 1 still have to have a Literacy and Numeracy lesson (45mins-hour) every day? If so, is this in addition to the daily phonics session?
    I currently have a shared read, and then at least one structured reading and one structured writing session a week with the Reception, and 1-2 structured maths sessions a week. We also have a daily phonics session of about 20 mins, and obviously story time, news time etc.
    Is this sufficient for Year 1 as well in a continuous provision environment, where Literacy and Numeracy challenges will also be left out, or will I be required to give more input to the Year 1? I am thinking from a staffing perspective, as I am likely to have two nursery nurses, but don't want to always leave the FS kids to them, as Reception in particular need a teacher for certain things.
    The HT has agreed I can teach the rest of the curriculum more in an FS way through children's interests, ensuring all objectives are covered as necessary.
  2. choralsongster

    choralsongster New commenter

  3. I'm in year 1 and yes they do have a daily literacy and numeracy lesson (1hr) and phonics on top. Not sure how you can do this without focusing more time and attention on the year1's.
    Good luck

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