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LITA3 Reading for Meaning AQA

Discussion in 'English' started by Havs, May 23, 2011.

  1. My students are resitting this unit after doing an awful job in Jan. Although it has dinted my confidence with teaching it. could anyone with experience of this exam paper for AQA please read this example paragraph from my students and let me know if they are on the right tracks to a decent grade?
    "Virginia Woolf presents the idea that unrequited love is a childish and immature emotion. This is protrayed in the extact as it is taken from the beginning of the novel which tells the characters' life stories 'from childhood to maturity', thus suggesting that Woolf feels the emotions that are displayed at this point in life are immature and perhaps something that characters will grow out of. the use monosyballic words such as 'I saw her kiss him' from Susan also display immaturity as they create a childlike tone. Susan jumped to a conclusion without assessing the situation..."
    I would be grateful for any comments or feedback for improvement.

    Maria [​IMG]

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