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Lists of words suitable for Y1 phonics screening practice...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by giraffe77, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Used the DfE nonsense words and worked them all into a story about some imaginary/strange minibeasts ( we were doing a minibeast topic ) Mounted the story with some kids artwork onto a very large piece of cardboard packaging which opened like a book about 4ft tall, on the adjacent side we created a very large strange minibeast with a slot for it's mouth where we 'post' words through to 'help' the minibeast called GLORPID say them correctly. We use 'real and fake' words this is just a hands on take on some of the interactive phonics games-The kids love it and are using it all the time.
  2. I only just came across these messages, so sorry if I am repeating something that has already been said. I suggest asking children every day to read a real word that uses the letter-sound correspondences you want them to practise AND is likely to be unfamiliar to them. That way you are preparing them for the nonsense words in the Phonics Check, because if they don't know a word already, they will have to decode it in the same way as a nonsense word. But it has an advantage over using nonsense words. After they have decoded the word, you can explain what it means and so you'll be increasing their vocabulary at the same time. Here are some examples:
    bud caw cog coy dab dim ebb sip eel elk eve fee fez fib fob gum gut hag hip hob imp jag jig lag lap lob mar mid nag mop paw ply pod ram rod rug set sly soy spy tad tar ups wed wig yam yap yen zap zed ail ape apt ark bap bay brisk brink brisk clips edit faith flick flits froth flint frill glide glint grid joint joist loin punt pride prime quill quilt quip raid rail shift skid skill skimp slick slip smith sniff tribe twig twine trips adapt alarm blade bland blaze boast brand brash clash coast crag crack enact drape draft gland glade loft void blond adorn aloof block booth broke abort bloom brook broth close croak croft drone flock crook frost froze globe gloom floss gloat gloss groom loot scoff scorn shoal rook scoop stomp swoop slush spool stoop shorn stork thorn stool sworn breed creek creep greet sheen sleet tweed tweet florid scorch thorax snort bait bribe twine shade shank sharp shawl slave snarl span stack stain trait twine sigh flight fright plight thigh dime lime wife glide grime pride swipe tripe chime crime mope vote hone doze mode probe choke drone quote spoke ford sort cord cork horn barn hark part yarn charm chart darts harsh marsh cart larva arch dirt ploy cloy ahoy bray sway bail bait hail lain wail coax foam moat loan roam deed deem feed heel fee leek keen reed reef reek reel seek teen weep chirp third thirst pert verb serf burn turf surf curd lurch spurt blurb spurn bane cane dale fake fade gape gaze lame pale rate sake sane vane tame vale wade bait leap coil snag provide stoat plied hake abode sphinx

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