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Linking topics with the same procedure

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by claire176, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. claire176

    claire176 New commenter

    Next year I really want to work encourage students to notice that there are many links between the topics in maths and that often the same procedure is used. One example is solving equations and rearranging formulas. Once I've taught solving equations I could then move onto rearranging asking "what's different?" hopefully highlighting that actually the procedure is the same.

    So now I'm trying to think of all the topics I could link like this.

    - Fractions & algebraic fractions
    - Grid multiplication and expanding brackets (algebra)

    I'm sure there's many more but my brain is frazzled this morning!!!!
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  2. CHuynh

    CHuynh New commenter

    Dear claire176
    Yes, what we call "chunking information" is always a great idea. Chunking ideas, instead of little bits and pieces, has a profound effect on learning and teaching. Your "Equation and making a pronumeral the subject" is a great example of that.
    Other situation will be expanding brackets with one factor outside, or expanding binomial products. The idea can be chunked because "everything outside needs to multiply to everything inside the brackets"
    Another situation will be translations of graphs. The method learned in straight lines can be applied the same way to non-linear functions so the students don't see them as a separate bunch of scary graphs and translations.
    Yes, you are right. There are many more situations for chunking. Please keep posting as you have realised more, I would love to learn from what you come up with!

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