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Linking to stories

Discussion in 'Primary' started by pinksam75, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. Hi munchkinamy,
    Just saw you post and thought that this book list published by the Devon school Library service might be perfect for you!! http://www.devon.gov.uk/dsls-booklists-fiction_linked_nls_9.pdf
    It has recommended texts for all units of the framework listed from Reception through to Year 6, so its a handy list to refer to when you swap year groups and still a great resource if you're not following the strategy.
    What is doesn't do though is show the link to areas of the curriculum, but with such an extensive list of popular titles and authors, it should not be too tricky to meet your literacy objects and those in another subjects. It might even be handy to print out your list and do a bit of a colour coded key to different subjects to make it even quicker when planning!!
    Just a couple that I can see from the first pages to get a list going ....
    Maths: How big is a pig? <font size="3">Eight enormous elephants </font>
    Science: Who sank the boat? <font size="3">Rumble in the jungle, Out and about through the year </font><font size="3"><font size="3">PSHE: What I like, What makes me happy? <font size="3">Guess how much I love you? </font>
    </font></font>PE: <font size="3">Giraffe&rsquo;s can&rsquo;t dance, The animal boogie, <font size="3">We&rsquo;re going on a bear hunt* </font></font>
    <font size="3"></font>
    <font size="3">If you thought this was helpful, why not pop along to our facebook page where you'll also find useful links, timesaving ideas and display goodies.</font>
    Sam :)
  2. Thankyou sam!

  3. Hop it was a good starting point for you [​IMG]

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