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Linking Art with Minibeasts topic

Discussion in 'Primary' started by roehamptonfran, May 11, 2011.

  1. Both of those activities seem fine to me!
    A good atr lesson is more about the skills you want the children to develop - rather than "draw a minibeast" you could look at the shape of the minibeast's body and the amount of legs/eyes/antennae it has. Encourgae the children to look carefully at enlarged photographs, or if possible have some live animals in for them to draw.
    I did this activity with my year 2's and had a gel ant farm for them to draw, a triops pool, a giant africal land snail, and a mini butterfly (caterpillar!) farm out on the tables for them to make observational drawings from. The objectives covered were:
    1a record from first-hand observation, experience and imagination, and explore ideas
    5a. exploring a range of starting points for practical work [for example, themselves, their experiences, stories, natural and made objects and the local environment]
    Clay minibeasts would cover the using a range of materials and processes aspect too.
    As it's summer now, if your school has an outside area you could take the children on a walk to collect natural materials such as leaves, twigs, bark, grass clippings, small stones etc, then on the playground draw the minibeast outlines in chalk and 'colour them in' by using the natural materials - an art installation. Keep a record by using your digital camera.
    Read the national curriculum carefully - the art objectives are really not at all prescriptive - there are loads of ways you could teach minibeast related art...
  2. art... not atr!!![​IMG]
    Ok... that is not the only typo up there... oops!
    Sorry - long day!
  3. sara2323

    sara2323 New commenter

    Thank you so much for all your advice, I really like the art installation idea!

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