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Linear Only

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by pencho, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. I have a lot of sympathy with that, but I doubt such a qualification would have enough "meat" in it to be called a GCSE. That may or may not be a problem, but up to now it's certainly been a problem with, say, Entry Level, BAS Numeracy, Functional Skills and a good number of FSMQs.
  2. Many thanks for the reply Kevin, much appreciated. As I said earlier though, I do wonder if this will really fit in with the 'traditional' approach that seems to be favoured by Mr. Gove, and as to if/where any money for development would come from.
  3. pencho

    pencho New commenter

    Hi Paul
    Apologies that my email may sound like I am being negative about teachers. There are some amazing maths teachers out there, but it is a shortage subject still. There are lots of KS3 maths class that are being taught by non specialists and these tend to be the ones that get switched off. The Vorderman report talks about this.
    I believe there is a shortage of maths teachers who can inspire the subject and bring it to life. There are too few of them in my opinion and that is the point I am making. If your experience is different then fine. However why are lots of students still switched off by maths. It's not just about relevance. The most irrelevant piece of maths can be made exciting by the best maths teachers IMHO.

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