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Linear and terminal assessment

Discussion in 'Science' started by juhi, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. Hi all

    Happy new year and new term!
    Can anybody offer some advice and guidance about the changes to the curriculum as of 2013 in terms of linear assessment in science. Does it mean all exams will have to be taken in Year 11? If not, then can they be re-taken if taken earlier in Yr 10? Also, can they be taken in year 10 but cashed in in year 11? also, I am assuming that with all exams taken at the same time (yr 10 or yr 11) the 40% rule goes out the window??

    Thanks alot for any advice.....

  2. As I understand it, exams will be at the end of the GCSE course which means at end of Year 11 for separate sciences and end of Year 10 for 'core' science, then end Year 11 for 'additional science' as these are discrete GCSEs. This will mean the end to the 40% rule. Not sure about resits.
  3. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    My guess is that a resit will mean everything especially as controlled assessment tasks are exam board defined and time limited.
    In some ways it will be easier, just teaching the course and pacing to the end rather than having module tests at rather arbitrary points on the course. However, I suspect that grades will fall. It will be the fault of teachers.
    How long until A levels become terminally assessed as well?
    As far as I know Nemo is correct.
  4. MarkS

    MarkS New commenter

    Both previous posts seem to be a correct assessment of the situation, although it has yet to be officially confirmed that ANY GCSE can be taken at the end of year 10 and count to performance tables...I'd love to say that that isn't important, but for most us it is!
    Exams will be taken in May/June only, and it will be the whole course assessed in one sitting. If that was at the end of Year 10, it would seem reasonable that it could be resat at the end of Year 11...but the whole course will need to be redone!
    I'm rather looking forward to it - no more planning teaching to fit in around arbitrary exam dates...we can plan our own modules, our own teaching order...should be good!
  5. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    That way they can still hang onto their exam fees cash cow of course. Why else have three exams per GCSE?
  6. mm38

    mm38 New commenter

    Any ideas how long summer terminal exams will be? When I did my GCSEs in 1996 I did triple with NEAB and we did a 2.5 hour exam for each subject. In those days there were 3 tiers I think the tier below might have been shorter.
    With AQA the current legacy specification exams are 2.5 hours long if you do modules or 2.25 hours if you do long answer questions for unit 1. The new spec has 3 x 1 hour exams for triple so 3 hours. iGCSE from AQA is 2 x 90 min hour exams. I'm guessing that we are most likely to get 2 papers of 90 mins each. Not sure GCSE students of today could cope with 2.5 hours in one go!
  7. http://www.ofqual.gov.uk/help-and-support/94-articles/821

    Hope this link works! May have to cut and paste in browser. From my understanding of question 8 and the answer, students can take a discrete GCSE early in Yr 10 so that could be Core, Additional, Bio, Phys or Chem.
    Problem with that though is we would have to decide really early on who is doing the separate sciences and if we get Biology, for example, done in year 10 and the other 2 in yr 11 it means that for one whole year students will not study biology! Not sure how this will affect sixth form results. We have considered the option of teaching all three in parallel over two years and then examining in Year 11. Does anybody do this currently and if so how does it work in terms of numebr of lessons per weeek and number of teachers per class?

    Thank you

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