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Lin and Leo Changing Bag

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by MrsDetermined, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. MrsDetermined

    MrsDetermined New commenter

    I was wondering if anyone has this bag and could tell me if it's a good buy. I'm thinking of the tan but have never seen it in real life!
  2. Mrs D..... what are you doing looking at bags that cost £140?! I thought you said you were concerned about money? Lol. I'm the money fairy reminding you to stay sensible!! That bag does look GORGEOUS though (especially in tan) but is it really worth it? No. Funnily enough I've been looking at changing bags today in a local store (have been looking for a while now for the right one) and have just discovered
    They range from £15 to £30 and look tres practical and whilst not so chic as the Lin & Leo one are pretty cool. Like the 'Retro Red Everyday' bag. Think it will look great to on my pram which is black and red. A big factor for me is buying one that my hubby won't be embarrassed to carry! What do you think?
  3. OMG cannot believe that changing bags could cost that much- no way I could justify that.

    Each to their own though...
  4. MrsDetermined

    MrsDetermined New commenter

    Hey La Mariposa,
    I appreciate you trying but many have failed before you! We are indeed watching the pennies but there is always money for a nice leather changing bag. If things get really tight I could start ebaying the lesser used bags in my extensive collection ;-)
    I just looked at the retro one and I like it. I love the design and it looks really practical but I still like the leather ones!
  5. MrsDetermined

    MrsDetermined New commenter

    The changing bag that is supposed to go with my pram (Mamas and Papas) is £85 and it is canvas with a leather trim. It is small and has no strap for being hung over the pram. Now I see that as a waste of money. If I buy a leather one that looks like a large handbag I will use it well after my children are at school.
    Honestly, it's my only vice! I'm really not a big spender apart from the bags.
  6. MrsDetermined

    MrsDetermined New commenter

    Oh La Mariposa I forgot to say,
    I think those bags are very man friendly! Most changing bags are designed like that though aren't they? It's just the bright pink ones that look a bit girly, but then some guys like that!
  7. I think you should think about some bag therapy :)
  8. MrsDetermined

    MrsDetermined New commenter

    If you think that's bad you will be appalled at the £170 clutch bag I bought on my honeymoon that has only been used twice!
    So I'm thinking that no one will be able to tell me if it's a good buy. I saw a woman in M&S with the brown one and I wanted to ask her if she thought it was practical.
  9. I'm hyperventilating at the thought of spending £170 on a clutch bag...;)
  10. oooh, I very much like the caboodle bags, think I will be getting the retro red too!
  11. Apart from the price, look at the design of the bag - will it fit over the handles of the pram, will it fit everything in? I love bags as well but I used the free one from Boots until I knew what I wanted and how I was going to use the bag. (Then I got a bargain in TKMaxx!) Do you want to spend all that money and then find it really imptractical?
  12. MrsDetermined

    MrsDetermined New commenter

    Hi Dimebar,
    The strap for over the pram was the first thing I looked for so I know it has that but I haven't seen one in real life. THey stock them at John Lewis but the nearest one is a forty minute drive and although I will def be going if I don't see one before I thought they'd be more popular and people would be able to give me an idea of whether it would be a good buy or a waste of money.
  13. mermaid

    mermaid New commenter

    Hi Mrs D,
    Could be worse- I'm in love with this...
    ... £225
    Obviously I won't be having one... but now I don't like anything else!!!
    I did like the Lin&Leo Loopy Lou (a snip at £140) but a) I can't afford that either and b) now I want a nappy bag that looks like a close relative of bagpuss and nothing else will do!!
    Must be the hormones! [​IMG]
  14. You are obviously a bag lady (in the nicest way! Definately go and have a look. I just couldn't justify that price - I was lucky with mine - worth 70 but got it for 25. I am a bit of a bargain shopper.
  15. Okay, Mrs Determined, you have a lot to answer for! I'd never even heard of these bags and now I'm on the verge of buying the cherry red version.... Just wanted to pick your brains: did you buy one and are you happy with quality and where is the cheapest? They have it on Amazon for £135ish! Ta! :)
  16. WOW totally agree it is beautiful!!! i like the brown one with pink stitching
    if a little too hand bag like and hubby wouldnt be happy using it out and about. i bought a Pacapod which i love (although not yet used..... still waiting for baby to arrive)

  17. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    You get one for free from the boots mother and baby club :p
  18. Oh dear Lord, I'mtired! Did you have to mention 'Pacapods? Now, I'm torn!

    DaisysLot, the Boots bag doesn't come close, I'm afraid... :)
  19. Oh no! Now I am in love with the Pacapod Coromandel ... I've already spent my health in pregnancy grant on 4D scans, can I convince hubby I didn't, and I really do need to spend £165 on a bag?
  20. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    You're right... it's fine, but pretty basic and unimpressive... Damn... wish I had never read this thread... now I am torn between the Stokke one that matches my pram or a Lin & Leo one... I hate you all! :p

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