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Lil's handy household hints

Discussion in 'Personal' started by lilachardy, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. Always put your tube of Immac (or could work easily as well with Nairn) next to your tube of toothpaste.Gives you a lovely "wake-up" the next morning. (Plus, you'll never have hairy teeth!)
  2. YOY


    ooohhhhh annapops! That reminds me of a tip I got from my sister - thankfully not one from my personal experience....

    Always store toothpaste and KY jelly in adjacent positions in the bathroom. The resultant confusion can cause great hilarity.

    (Can you guess which way she got it wrong? And which would be worst?)
  3. Well actually YOY - I can! The tip I decided NOT to pass on is one from years ago when "feminine deoderants" were considered de rigeur. I got my hair spray mixed up with my "feminine deoderant". Oooowww!
  4. It's always a good idea to let the children make real lemonade without any adult supervision. That way you get to spend the next week wiping sticky lemon juice from every surface in the kitchen, including the floor.
  5. store glass pyrex jugs on the highest possible shelf, particularly if you are a little challenged in the height department. Then, when you are in a rush to get one down you won't quite be able to get hold of it and it will smash onto the worktop, then onto the floor in a spectacular fashion. You'll be finding tiny shards of glass for weeks; it's especially important to have bare feet for this.
  6. When opening the oven door make sure you immediately bend down to check what is in the oven so that your new glasses steam up and you are made temporarily blind, thus bumping into the kitchen cupboard door that has been left open.
  7. This thread has had me crying with laughter.

    Having dropped a full egg box on the floor, make the clean up job easy by allowing your puppy to lick up the mess. That way you can delight in the sick that he subsequently produces all over your cream sofa.

  8. Further to 166 and 167...

    "Anbesol" (for mouth ulcers, in a blue and white tube) and "Anusol" (for piles, in a blue and white tube) can be interchanged with few ill effects. (Well, like I say, a few....)
  9. Putting in your contact lenses moments before your dinner guests arrive having just chopped up chillis for your thai green curry makes for an interesting look.
  10. Being proud of my brand new combination oven soon changed after setting it to cook a quiche - slowly -for 1 Hour and 10 min's before leaving for school.
    It would be cooked to perfection and nicely cooled in-time for tea me thinks.
    Oh the aroma, the wafts of something odd hit me in the face as I opened the front door.'What an appalling smell of charcoal ,the sight of the charred smokey glass door, the shrunken black 3 inch offering for OH . Yes that's all that was left of my cremated quiche. It had been set to microwave for over an hour!!! I had not set the dial to cook on the convection setting of the oven!Ops!
  11. And remember a tin of rice pudding poured into the tea pot will never cook and when you can't find the washing up liquid the best place to look is in the refrigerator, naturally.
  12. jlfrith

    jlfrith New commenter

    When served with bisto powder infusion by husband of economical and extremely organised wife,clean teeth immediately afterwards to prevent staining.
  13. Re 171:
    This also works well if you can get the heat to melt your mascara - that way your eyelids get stuck together for just long enough for your pizza to slide off the baking tray, topping side down, onto the floor.
  14. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Vacuum thoroughly before getting washing out the machine.

    That way, the resulting bits of tissue return the room to its former glory, giving it that lived-in look.
  15. silkywave

    silkywave Lead commenter

    always offer workmen a cup of tea or coffee. that way they will feel at home in their muddy boots in your lounge.
  16. ...... and also feel the need to tramp upstairs to use your loo!
  17. silkywave

    silkywave Lead commenter

    always cook beetroot in a pressure cooker. that way you can spray the kitchen walls in beetroot juice in a third of the tme.
  18. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    *barfs and runs away*
  19. In the days when the clocks did n't go back and we all dragged ourselves to work in the pitch black my OH woke up in a panic! Late for work again! In all such circumstances you must remember to make yourself a cooked breakfast then get on your bicycle and peddle 100 yards before flinging it to the ground and deciding it was quicker to run!
    Throw stones to wake your workmate only to discover it is only 1am.
    The clever trick is to always set the alarm for 6 o'clock but never wind it up(remember them good old days?)
    Better still , eat a full breakfast just an hour or two after eating a big supper and not realise that you are still full!
  20. If you ever manage to lose the key to the padlock on your shed, go out and buy a new padlock just before the hardware shop closes. That way, when you realise your plan to hacksaw through the old one won't work because the hacksaw is locked in said shed, you have a nice new useless padlock to play with while you ponder on your next course of action.

    If the next course of action is to drive 40 miles to pick up a spare key to the shed, make a point of spotting the original lost key on the floor of the shed within easy reach of the catflap in the door.

    Now your achievement tally comprises:

    One unneeded padlock

    A wasted journey (pertrol and time)

    An extra half hour spent trying to remember what you were trying to get from the shed in the first place

    One bonus moment where you rememeber what it was (hammer to flatten pokey up nail in floorboard) and go out to the shed to find it.

    Another half hour of searching in the dark, and finally having a fun row when OH admits that he has had the hammer in his car since before shed saga began.

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