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Likely Ks2 tests thresholds

Discussion in 'Primary' started by powerpointdave, May 17, 2019.

  1. powerpointdave

    powerpointdave New commenter

    What do you think we will be working with this year?

    SPaG likely to go up
    Reading down
    Maths to stay the same?

    Here’s hoping there will be no big hike in requirements!
  2. JessicaRabbit1

    JessicaRabbit1 Senior commenter

    Hmm...I'm going to go with:

    GPS - up
    Reading - stay the same
    Maths - stay the same.

    I would love Reading to go down but I don't think they'll be that kind!
    cassandramark2 likes this.
  3. istabraq

    istabraq New commenter

    SPAG - up
    Maths - much the same give or take a mark or two.
    Reading - down a mark or two.
  4. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Lead commenter

    I'd go with:
    SPAG - up
    Reading - stay the same
    Maths - stay the same (worried that it may be a mark or two up, though)
  5. bevdex

    bevdex Star commenter

    Interesting isn't it that only a few years ago, a score of 18/50 on the reading test was enough to get a level 4 and now 28/50 is needed for a scaled score of 100.
    BetterNow likes this.
  6. dreamweaverplusactor

    dreamweaverplusactor New commenter

    And on a much easier test too - much simpler vocabulary and more multiple choice questions. Not that we should go back to that low expectation, but the ones now seem to have swung the other way.
  7. Alenamai

    Alenamai Occasional commenter

    SPAG up 3 or 4
    Maths down but not by much 1 or 2
    Reading down 1 or 2

    There’s a chance of an election soon - they need good headlines.
    andthentherewerenone likes this.
  8. powerpointdave

    powerpointdave New commenter

    Yes, I suppose it could come down to politics and elections. Not about how well they have done but how well ‘the powers that be’ want it to appear they have done. ‘They’ being the kids or politicians (or teachers if blame is required)

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