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Lightweight non academic subjects

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by Nairobi, May 26, 2006.

  1. There seems to be a dramatic rise in the so called ligther subjects that seem to make many sixth forms sound like a Micky Mouse way into university.

    I such subjects as General studies, Drama, Pyschology, Media studies, Film Studies and many others as being of questionable value to many students.

    Let the knives come out...
  2. There seems to be a dramatic rise in the so called ligther subjects that seem to make many sixth forms sound like a Micky Mouse way into university.

    I such subjects as General studies, Drama, Pyschology, Media studies, Film Studies and many others as being of questionable value to many students.

    Let the knives come out...
  3. CarolineEm

    CarolineEm New commenter

    Nairobi, you already started this divisive thread when you highjacked a previous posting. I'm all for a good debate, but why do you want to set up what are mainly friendly, helpful posters into an unpleasant, conflict-ridden argument?

    If you really get pleasure from watching manufactured clashes then go and watch Big Brother.
  4. Have you tried it?
    ALIS chances graphs show that it is statistically hard to pass.
    OFSTED have just reclassified it as a science
    Psychology will be an option in the new GCSE science specs
    Kids choose our subject because its challenging and exciting - based on published research by Matt Jarvis
    Numbers for physics and chemistry are droppping because its not made relevant or taught in an interesting way (and i also teach science) not because other subjects are stealing the teaching time.

    No doubt that Psychology will get panned in the press again this summer as a soft subject, more kids passing etc. - BECAUSE WE ARE TEACHING IT WELL! I have an AST in psychology in my centre and the standards she had to meet were very rigorous. She is currently working with the national science learning centre who are very excited about the inclusion of psychology because its the sexy part of science

    If you have not tried to do Psychology A-level then you are just being narrow-minded.

  5. Not being narrow minded but in the international sector there is judt not the demand for these sort of subjects.
  6. Duh - How can not be of value in the current climate where most of our lives are driven by the media? Get real
  7. media studies that is!!
  8. frustum

    frustum Lead commenter

    There are indeed differences in how subjects are regarded in various parts of the world. I taught for a while in a private sixth-form where many of the pupils were from China and Vietnam. When it came to applying for university, they were reluctant to apply for courses that weren't mainstream, as they would not be as highly regarded back at home: this didn't just mean the sorts of subjects mentioned above, but many specialisms within sciences/maths: they needed the "straight" degree title.
  9. I did Psych A Level - it was NOT easy.
    From what i understand, film studies isn't that different from English Lit, except you are studying, analysing and writing essays about films instead of novels/plays/poetry.
  10. Really do not know what Nairobi is trying to prove....... this thread needs to be pulled. It has all been said on another thread and seems pointless to continue........well actually NO

    WHAT A W****R

  11. vnm


    Surely if the pupils enjoy media studies, it should be taught! Like another poster said, film studies is not that different to English Lit. except you are looking at films, techniques, acting etc.

  12. teachur

    teachur New commenter

    Go on then Nairobi - what did you get for your GCSE in Drama and A-Level in Drama???

    Have you any idea what it takes to succeed in the subject? No!!!!
  13. don't be drawn in........ he/she is insecure and probably a **** teacher...........all A LEVEL subjects r hard and demanding.

  14. ladyhawk

    ladyhawk New commenter

    Nairobi, how can you think there is no call for Psychology in the International sector. A huge chunk of an MBA concerns how to introduce and implement change - you cannot do this without understanding psychological principles. All those working in Human Resources need to understand the psychology of human relationships at work. Psychology is an important subject studied in depth by all doctors and nurses, and allied medical professions. An understanding of psychology is vital for the advertising and marketing industries, in order that executives understand how to appeal to their target markets.
  15. Just to add my two-penneth! As a Driving Instructor I often instruct teenagers doing their A-levels or equivalents.

    I recently had a student studying Psychology A2 (?not sure if that is the correct terminology!)alongside some of his other more traditional subjects - he thought that the Psych would be an easy option and got a huge shock when it was the only one where he had to retake some modules in order to get his grades up for Uni!

    I am also currently instructing a student studying Drama AS and the amount of work she has to do is huge!

    Also, just because a subject is seen as "hard" (I did Physics at Uni and that is the sort of comment I usually get) it doesn't necessary follow that it is the most useful!

    In my humble opinion there should be room for all the different subjects at all levels.
  16. Angelil

    Angelil Occasional commenter

    re: post 10 - they like texting as well, would you like to teach that?!
  17. nairobi I wish more people would take A-level psych and beyond.......im desperate for another psych teacher to join me in my department. It's because there are so many jobs available to psych grduates that I am in this possition .......soft subject my ****
  18. daugther doing classical civilisations, philosophy and english as well as film studies. She claims that film studies is no easier than the others.
  19. AND media, psychology, film, drama are all useful subjects if you want a career with the media industry. Far more relevant than some of the traditional 'academic' subjects.

    As someone rightly suggested. Go and watch big brother and join the real world
  20. Because Big Brother is the real world?!!!

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