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Light at the end of a very dark tunnel- thank you!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by midget_gem74, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I just wanted to put something a bit more positive on here. I qualified in 2008 in primary, all my friends from uni have either got a job or given up. Since early 2009 I have been doing supply, I've been very lucky and I usually work 3 or 4 days a week. I started off being scared of supply, not being able to sleep and dreading the early morning wake up call. Since then I have learnt to love it and know that I can manage (and have managed) alot of different and difficult situations! Since I qualified I've sent out around 150 applications, around the country, any year, any school and got the total of 4 interviews. I had my letter checked over a number of times by a number of different people including heads and governors and told it was great. I've had jobs come up where the school asks for me when they need supply and yet they never even picked me for an interview, I;ve even had to cover for people on interview days when I've applied for the job. My extension for supply ends in mid July and I have started to send out applications for TA jobs and thinking of other possible careers instead of teaching.
    However, finally I have secured a full time job! It is a maternity cover so I'll probably be back here in 12months, but I can't wait to have my own class and know where I'm going to be. I can't actually wait to spend my weekends planning and laminating resources.

    I just wanted to share my story as I know that I felt very down sometimes and couldn't see where my life was going and it always helped me reading about people who were in a similar situation and had got a job. I hope this gives someone hope and that there is a light at the end of a tunnel. Thank you for everyones help and advice. [​IMG]

    Anymore positive stories?
  2. Well done you! It just goes to show that patience and perseverance pays off.I hope you really enjoy your new job. You never know it may become permanent but even if it doesn't at least you'll have some continuous experience behind you. Enjoy it.
  3. Keep positive it sounds like you are doing a wonderful job! I too do supply and have had a few interviews (I want p/t) but not secured the job yet. There are many people who are in a similar position, I know of a few in the 3 schools I teach in, and they too feel disheartened. You never know with maternity covers, she may decide not to come back or to come back part time. [​IMG]
    I wish you lot's of luck [​IMG]
  4. Thanks for posting midget gem. Congratulations on landing your job.
    I finished my PGCE last year and have been doing supply since October. I've been feeling quite down lately about my chances of getting a permanent job, especially during weeks like this when work has been scarce. I've also started to doubt whether getting into teaching was the right decision and I've started to look at non-teaching jobs out of necessity. It's good to know the reality of the job hunt (my uni glossed over it) and the fact that success will come in time. I've just signed up for the next TES seminar so I hope success comes sooner rather than later!

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