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Light and Dark art - pictures

Discussion in 'Primary' started by pocoyo, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Has anyone ever done any light and dark art? I was thinking of doing a night picture with my year 1 class. Not sure how I would go about this. Maybe drawing things we would see in the night on black paper with chalks maybe. I was wondering if anyone had done anything more effective? x
  2. I've done some nice colour mixing where you use one colour with white. Take a line for a walk - you could do this for them and photocopy if necessary - the sections need to be quite big as they'll be painting. Start with a large blob of white paint and add a brush-full of blue, then paint a section. Add one more brush-full of blue and paint another section and so on. The colours gradually get darker and if they paint the sections randomly, it can look quite effective. Afterwards, I go over the pencil lines with a thick black felt tip to separate the sections. It makes a nice display.
  3. inq


    I've combined it with using Fill on Paint/ Dazzle as an ICT lesson, they draw a picture of a house and garden in the daytime and then we discuss what we'd see at night and try and draw the same picture at night. I have Y1 so we tend to have a block sky, sun, moon, cloud type thing for the Fill bit, some are quck enough to think to draw a street light too.
  4. I have used chalks and charcoal for this, using just chalk then just charcoal then combining to get both light and dark into the picture. It worked really well with shells and pinecones or plants.
  5. I did something a little different as I focused on the reflective objective of the light and dark unit. told them the story of Cinderella and explained the pumpkins hadnt grown that year, so she had to walk to the ball. gave them an outline of her dress and a selection of materials - some reflective, some not. (Had done previous lesson on what reflective is). Children made a collage on her dress of reflective materials. Linked well to road safety too.

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