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Life without levels....

Discussion in 'English' started by zedwards, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. Hi Folks,

    Probably missed the thread from previous discussions but I have just come from a meeting where the pressure is now on and its a case of filtering it down!

    What are other departments doing regarding this?

    From what I have just heard if you have successfully implemented APP then its half the battle and a case of renaming what we already have however I'm not convinced its that simple!

    Any discussion would be helpful. Gone are the days of being able to use gained time to set up Networking meetings!
  2. Joannanna

    Joannanna New commenter

    My local authority (Herts) have come up with a package of criteria/levels etc. which link to GCSE AOs (across all specs). They're selling it in county for around £250, and will also sell outside county for slightly more.

    The issue for me now is getting SLT to get their heads around it and report appropriately!
  3. songsong

    songsong New commenter

    Have you looked at the Edexcel (Pearson) Progression map? THis is what we'll be using in English.

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