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Life Without Levels and SEN - advice please!

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by LyndaMP, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. Hi there,

    My school (Primary) are now using the 'Life without Levels' approach to assessment and we've had a lot of discussion about what implications this has for our SEN pupils. I'd love to know what other schools are putting in place for their SEN pupils. In my mind it seems ridiculous to keep those children who are not going to meet their end of year expectations on the same expectations as their peers so it makes sense to give them expectations from a year or two (or three!) below. The debates we've had though centre around the fact that for gifted and talented children we're no longer able to give them work from the year above, we have to broaden and deepen their understanding within their current year group expectations and some colleagues are suggesting that we should keep our SEN children within their year group expectations too!

    Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated, I want to make sure we're giving all of our children the best chance we can!
  2. Hi, I believe you should still be using P'levels to assess children working below NC levels ( even if the don't exist anymore). I agree it is ridiculous to give underachievers and Sen their year group expectations. They need to fill the gaps and have achievable targets. Imagine the impact on SEMH for some of the children.

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