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Life in the Middle East

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by OSmarsupial, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Hello there,
    I am looking at a couple positions in the middle east, specifically UAE. Anyone there who could give me some advice about cost of living, reputation of schools, accomodation etc? I have searched through the threads a bit, but most seem to be a few years old, and I know things change rapidly there. Please private message me or email me: maleworker@gmail.com
  2. Hello there,
    I am looking at a couple positions in the middle east, specifically UAE. Anyone there who could give me some advice about cost of living, reputation of schools, accomodation etc? I have searched through the threads a bit, but most seem to be a few years old, and I know things change rapidly there. Please private message me or email me: maleworker@gmail.com
  3. millsandboon

    millsandboon New commenter

    I've got a riend interviewing for a job there and the package on MS5 is 17000 AED pcm plus accomodation, utility bills, one flight per year, medical and dental.
    Have you tried Time Out Abu Dhabi or Dubai? they have good indicators of cost of restaurants/entertainment etc.
    I'd be interested to hear any feedback you get as well. I'm stalking Abu Dhabi for next year..!
  4. Thanks Mills, will look at timeout as suggested.
  5. stopwatch

    stopwatch Established commenter

    Abu Dhabi has a higher cost of living, particularly accomodation.
  6. Hi there,
    I am currently living and working in the UAE and loving every second of it. I have heard many different reports on the pay in schools, so that is one thing that you really need to check out. The cost of living really does depend on what you want to do. I am here on my own with my daughter and we find things to do all the time, that are relatively cheap, but it really does depend.
    Are you planning on coming out here alone or with a partner / children. Many jobs at the moment are only offerrning single accomodation which is not suitable if you want more than one room. Form whatI have heard, the accomodation that is now offered is alot less than a few years ago. My accomodation is ok, but on the small side for two of us.... and we have one of the biggest accomodations that my company offers.
    As for schools - I am in Abu dhabi emirate - living in Al Ain, which is a brilliant place for families, but not so good for the young free and single life style. Al Ain, as it is further away from the centre of Abu dhabi is definitely alot cheaper.
    if there is anythign specific you want to know.. by all means PM me and I will try to help. I got lots of advice off here before I moved out, and I would be glad to be able to help someone else :)
  7. Great info Sarah, thanks. What do you and other teachers do in your spare time? I imagine lots of things to do with the sea and 4Wd driving in the desert, but I'd be interested to hear about anything else.
  8. Hi,
    There is so many things that you can do..... it really does depend on what you want to do. If you like to go out to bars and clubs.. that is a definte can do!! There are so many places to go and things to do that it really does depend on waht you want, and I am guessing you would be able to do it. For example... we moved to the desert and my daughter took up ice hockey!!!
    Quite a few schools, and companies out here have their own ' after work activities' that you can get involved in when you initailly come out here!

  9. guissepp

    guissepp New commenter

    Hi there,
    I'd really appreciate any advice you can offer me and my girlfriend. We are looking to move together and are not really sure of the process to go through to get a job. Could you possibly offer some guidance on where we should start looking / visiting please please please????

    A very excited couple lookig for a life changing change!
  10. stopwatch

    stopwatch Established commenter

    Your biggest hurdle will be to both get a job, preferably in the same place.
    You cannot apply as a couple.
    If you live together in the UAE, this is illegal. However, many do it and don't get caught.
    If you do get caught however, it is straight to jail, deported to UK, throw a 6 and start again.
    You will then not be able to get another job in UAE as you will have a criminal record.
  11. my goodness, you are quite a b____ch at times MM! Agree though [​IMG]
  12. stopwatch

    stopwatch Established commenter

    Guisepp has posted his own thread asking for advice, only he is even more excited on that one.
    Yes, get married, look on TES, apply, interview, get the job, move.
    Without wanting to sound sarcastic, it is as easy as that (assuming you are offered an interview/job!).
    My first overseas job (Saudi) was a 3 week turnaround between sending in the application, being interviewed and being offered the job.
    Keep it simple, don't stress (and don't get so excited)
  13. Cairo is looking up at the moment. The ex. rate is improving and schools tend to turn a blind eye to couples not being knotted.
    It's great here; culture, good social life, lovely climate (weather, not political..) and 5 or 6 really good schools to work at...

  14. I am enjoying living in Abu Dhabi at the moment. The lifestyle is great, sun pretty much 365 days a year, and more free time and money than I've ever had.
    Someone posted Abu Dhabi is more expensive, but in many cases it is cheaper than Dubai. Accomodation is definately expensive, so try to find somewhere that gives you accomodation as part of your package - will probably save you a lot of money, rather than just a housing allowance. Also I would find out where abouts you will be living. Some schools are placing people outside of the city, but if you live in the city center you won't need a car. Taxis and public buses are very very cheap. A bus costs about 20p to get around the city, and a taxi no more than a couple pounds. In Dubai you will need a car as the city is much bigger and spread out, and taxis cost more. Dubai obviously has more to do, and more nightlife, if that is what you are after. But Abu Dhabi still has plenty to offer - malls, lots of great restaurants, cinemas, etc. And many expat groups where you can meet new people.
    Salaries vary greatly between schools. Do your research. Try to find someone who is at the school to answer questions. Some schools require you to work longer hours, and do a lot more work at school, so therefore pay more. Those that require less of you, even finishing work at 2pm, mean you are paid less. You need to decide what you are looking for out here. You might also want to think about professional development and what you want to do in a few years time. Many schools don't offer it, so when leaving and going home, the lack of development may restrict you.
  15. As others have said - if you want to come to the Middle East then get married. Not worth the risk, even in the UAE which is probably one of the more liberal countries here. Or think about somewhere else in the world.

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