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Life cycle of a star

Discussion in 'Science' started by steph838, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Im looking for some ideas to teach life cycle of a star to a low ability class.It for an observation lesson and the focus is assessment. I've hit a brick wall and can't think of anything interesting or inspiring!

  2. missmunchie

    missmunchie New commenter

    There are some simple animations on the Absorb Physics website.
    You can play the animations stage by stage so you could show them the whole animation and then run it again step by step asking pupils what happens next?
    Good luck!
  3. How about a series of pictures (nebula to supernova) for the pupils to put in order, to assess their comprehension? Obviously, there will be routes for high & low mass stars.
    I seem to think OUP Twenty First Century had a worksheet like this, but it shouldn't be too difficult to generate your own.
  4. Here is a simulation that allows you to control the initial settings of the star and watch its life cycle.
  5. I have a "death of stars"make a flick book activity, choppy and then staple which is quite fun. I did this with a couple of relatively low ability year 11 groups this year and it's good for teaching the death sequences and educational colouring in. I will post it to the TES resources if you want me to.

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