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Life after teaching.

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by banoffeepie11, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. banoffeepie11

    banoffeepie11 New commenter

    I have effectively left teaching. It has been two years since I was last in class because of disability discrimination. I have experienced this in every school I have worked in. I have a non-visible disability so it has been easy to dismiss while also holding me account for any impact it has made on my performance.

    I left one school with a settlement but a bad reference 3 years ago. I was just too tired to keep on fighting and could not get the reference changed. In my next school the deputy head read between the lines of the reference and set out to get rid of me. To cut to the chase, I am taking the school to employment tribunal early next year but will have to go through another settlement negotiation along the way.

    I would like to try something else but would like ideas and advice. Sorry to say I am not one of those people who has a passion they could change into a career. I'm male, 47 years old and single. I live in central London but might consider leaving. So pulses and minuses as to life stage and commitments.
  2. thejudgesscoresarein

    thejudgesscoresarein Occasional commenter

    Are you autistic?
  3. banoffeepie11

    banoffeepie11 New commenter

    No not autistic. Hearing problems with associated depression.
  4. gainly

    gainly Lead commenter

    Have you considered private tuition? I imagine your hearing problems would be less of an issue in a one-to-one situation than in dealing with a class. I've managed to make a reasonable living out of it. There is a lot of demand in London, although also a lot of competition.

    Pluses: you are your own boss, no behaviour problems; no pointless bureaucracy, OFSTED or SLT; it's generally enjoyable and can be fun if you get a good student.

    Minuses: it will take some time to build up a reasonable number of students; it's a bit unreliable; very little work over the summer holidays.

    I don't know what age or subjects you teach, I think maths is probably the subject for which there is most demand. If interested have a look on the Private Tutors forum where there are a number of threads with suggestions as to how to get started
  5. bajan

    bajan Occasional commenter

    How did you leave with a settlement and no agreed reference?
  6. NQT08

    NQT08 Occasional commenter

    You won't be able to go to employment tribunal if you leave with a settlement agreement

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