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Life After Levels/ KS3 Assessment

Discussion in 'Science' started by rich_hodgetts, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. rich_hodgetts

    rich_hodgetts New commenter

    My school is just starting to look at moving away from NC Levels to another system of our own invention.

    The plan is essentially the same as levelling but using the new 1-9 regime in an effort to link up KS3 and 4 performance.

    The thing that has me concerned is that it looks like I am going to be expected to produce an APP style document that can be used to grade the work of the students. I can see that this would be do-able for the skills based content (as per the old APP grid) but what about the actual factual science content? The thought of writing some sort of grid for each KS3 topic area sounds like it would be a nightmare. From old L3 upwards we would need to create around 18 tiers of assessment (with sub-levelling) for each topic.

    Has anyone done anything similar to this or seen a product out there that can be purchased and do the same job. There seems to be very little to go on and so any pointers would be very much appreciated!


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  2. Rov1984

    Rov1984 New commenter

    Yeah, we used that also. Really cheap and I think they are releasing lessons in the future to support the assessment. The assessment is pretty straightforward and the tracking system is worth the money on its own!
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  3. chemic-ali

    chemic-ali New commenter

    Hi Rich. We were also issued with the similar instructions in the wake of life after levels. Very little guidance and every department doing their own thing. We swerved the old APP style table in favour of the ideal science route that osmosis_man has suggested and it is just a science system (as far as I can tell) but it has the new GCSE levels in mind.
  4. nataliewelsby

    nataliewelsby New commenter

    We have also downloaded ideal science and found it worked really well for our department. Simple but effective! I agree with the previous poster - the tracking system has been amazing and has really cut down on the amount of time we have taken to assess each student and amalgamate the information for the endless groups we need to cater to (PP, SEN, boys, FSM etc) - this is immediately effortless. I would really recommend it to anyone struggling with what to do now levels are defunct.
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