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Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Ktteaching, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Harri was at home in his bed suddenly his alarm walk him up so he went to his primary school when he got there he messed about and he said to the coolest teacher in the world “Please may I go to the toilet” “Yes” said Mrs *. So Harri went to the toilet but when he turned the light on....nothing happened he just fell down..... a hall. When he walk up he saw a casle black as night he jumped up a ran to look at it he saw a muddy mud slide he just went in the castle he saw a little girl called Lucy she said hello so did Harri however she was walking away Suprisingly he follod her up to the top of the castle. He saw a angry wizard who had a long white beard Harri said “I wish i wasn’t at school” Suddenly he opend his eyes and he was back at school in the toilet, he ran back to class and Mrs * went to the toilet, and Harri fort oh no but Mrs * was teaching.
    When I walked through the dark gloomy castle I could see a myseterious wizard walking through a could dark room. The castle was very big and wide in the hall there was no rough so you could see the sky it was very dark and windy. the was a very big bird and it was going in the castle. However i wasn’t scared. There was very big steps and lots of them there was no treas it was just as black as night. As last a person walked in from out side I was very scared but nothing happened it was a fraindly man he lived in the castle. It was his house I asked him what his name was he was called Darvin. I had never heard of the name before but hw was a nice man. he took me to this lovel glamgor room it was full of very exspentcive stuf there was lots of diamonds and cristles. Then there was a baddy walking up the steps he came every day because he wanted theas spesale diamonds and cristles but i blocked that room so could not get in and he didn’t. So that was what happened we worker has a team thats how you can solve problems.

    Thanks xxx
  2. Apologies, what this should say at the top is...
    Hi I would if anyone could be so kind as to take a couple of minutes out of their time. I'm an RQT and struggle with levelling - I am panicing really because I can't see much of a difference between my children's literacy when they came up to me at Year 4 and now. I have copied out exactly below what two different chn have written today (it wwas almost like an assessment) They were given a picture of a castle as a stimulus and asked to write from this.
    I was just wondering if anyone could give a very quick level of both pieces (or either...!) I'm not asking for any comments, rather to see if I'm on the right track... (I am very aware they need to work on adding full stops and any advice on this would be great as well!!!)
    Thank you to anyone who can reply as it is so helpful and I know how busy everyone is... xxx

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