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Levelling - quick!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by confusedaspie, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. confusedaspie

    confusedaspie New commenter

    I wondered if I could (again!) ask you lovely people for a little help. I am really struggling with levelling - I just wondered if I could have a very quick idea of what level you would give any of these children! I basically gave them a start of a story and they finished it off. They had 10 mins planning time and 40 mins writing. If you could give a brief glance over and the first idea of a level that pops into your head for just this piece that would be great, just to see if I'm slightly on the right track :(
    Child 1
    Suddenly the shell moved something happend the shell shived and a merry thought came out. “What is this thing” “it is a merry thought” Lee thought what is that the girl said “you make wishes on it” So Lee made a wish and his wish was I wish that I knew the girl name and somthing happend..... it came true the girl said “My name is called Liv and I am 15 year old”
    Lee ran and so did Liv they ran closer to the see Lee said do you want to come in the sea “yes I do” so happily they ran to the sea. They played in the sea for half a hour they got tired and Lee said “do you want to come back to my house! “yes please”
    So they went back to Lee house and Lee said “this is my friend Liv” Liv said “hi” “do you want to stay over for tea” “yes please.” So Liv and Lee ran up stairs and played while Lee’s mum was making tea they was having a Sunday dinner. Meanwhile Liv and Lee was looking at the shell they look for ages till Liv said “Where are you going to put it” “I am going to give it to you” So Lee passed it over and Liv said “thank you “ “oh come on it tea” So they went for tea “this is very nice” “thank you Liv” “ do you want some disert” “yes please What are we having” “we are going” Lee and Liv ran up to the merrythought and said we wish that were going to have ice cream and then came back down and Lee’s mum carred on saying “to have ice cream” “Yes” So they eat when Liv said “I have no family” Lee said “you can stay here” “oh thank you” “go on you two of to bed” so they went
    Child 2
    One summers day there was a boy called Lee. He had a green shell in his hand, he was at the beach. It was moving. Lee didn’t no what it was so he turnd the shell around and then he lifetid it upside down there was a baby crab in it he named it Bob. Lee took it home to show his mum. His mum said get that thing out of the house. he went back to the beach and put it in the see. Then he went back home because it was his tea time he we having fish and chips after his tea he went back to the beach to see Bob but he wasn’t there so he was getting upset because that was his fraind. So he sat down at the edge and waited for him to come back then he hurd a noys it was Bob the crab he sat next to me bay the sea he was looking for his mum and dad but he could not find them. Then he went a little walk he took bob with him in his hand.
    Then he saw another crab Lee ran of the beach and he saw two crabs it was a mirical they were his mum and dad. It was getting dark so he went home he put Bob and his mum and dad in a safe place in the sea.
    When lee got back home lees mum asked him were he had been. He said I have been with Bob the crab Bob the crab said mum yes he is my mate my fraind.
    Child 3
    Suddenly the shell twitched and lee travelled in time and turned into a frog and he found a load of frogs in a pond and he made a friend and his friend was named James, and they were very good friends. then the grasshoppers came and tried to destroy there home. So they had a frogeye war but Lee did not know how high he could jump. James asked do you know how high you can jump? No will you try? Ok Wow I can jump well high. Wow you can jump higher than the grasshoppers jump. they were fighting all day and all night while we were fighting. Frogs got hurt. So lee jumped over a grass hopper and kicked it up the bum. and he did the same to all of the grasshoppers. they were moaning about their bums, so they could not sit down again.

  2. confusedaspie

    confusedaspie New commenter

    Can anyone help?! please!
  3. Professor Dumbledore

    Professor Dumbledore New commenter

    Um - how long did it take you to write all this out? [​IMG]
    What criteria are you marking to? (Sorry if you said, I am not very alert in the evenings.) Ros Wilson? SATs?
    If Ros Wilson, I find they take bloody ages, SATs are much simpler.
    Smm, that's not much help, sorry. I didn't actually read the stories... Hope you get it done ok.
  4. What system are you using in school for levelling? What level were they when you assessed them using school policy?
  5. confusedaspie

    confusedaspie New commenter

    We are assessing using app. I have assessed them on other pieces but just wondered what anyone would give in general for these particular ones.
  6. Ok as a random pluck from intial reaction:
    Child 1 - high 2, low 3. Has some really good sections but not secure in basic punctuation - sentences are not demarcated consistently correctly. Shows some evidence of speech puncutuation but again not completely accurate. Relies a lot on speech like vocabulary but does tell a story through it!
  7. In fact same pretty much for child 2 although no speech marks at all so query the moving into level 3?? Starts off quite strong but loses it and switches tense quite a bit through it.
    Child 3 - not sure you could move into the 3 band - quantity not great, ideas are rather random although I accept it is a story!!! Sentence demarcation a bit all over place.

    Is this what you were thinking?
  8. I have only skimmed through them but what pops into my head is:

    Piece 1 - 2a
    Piece 2 - 2b
    Piece 3 - 2c
  9. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Again, just skimmed quickly (I am not being paid for this after all). I think they are all around 2b, to be honest, maybe into 2a, but not enough to get into level 3, although there are elements, e.g. use of speech marks.
  10. mystery10

    mystery10 Occasional commenter

    Is this all their own spelling? It's fantastic.

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