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Levelling KS1 Writing - please help! (Also posted in English forum)

Discussion in 'Primary' started by noeyedeer, May 18, 2009.

  1. Thanks! Very useful stuff indeed, particularly the writing standards file.
    Some of my very able year 1s are writing way over 100 words. I have challenged a couple of them to write a whole story on one page of A4, or there is a temptation to write four pages, which can then become, ahem, slightly lower in quality ;-)
    I am using a range of their writing over the last term to level them, not just one piece. Just so time-consuming, especially because I am so anxious to get it right! So thanks for all the guidance...

  2. Noeyedeer - that Suffolk Literacy stuff is extremely useful: will have a look at that after school. Many thanks!

  3. why dont u use the new APP easyly found on new framework site
  4. I have been doing APP sheets since September for six children in my group, but I have been finding it tricky to level everyone else from the APP... I think the difficulty lies in having so many different ways of judging. After the LEA moderation, I came out more confused than I went in, as everyone was using different level descriptors. Some people were saying that a piece of work with one full stop in was evidence enough of punctuation. I wasn't so sure!

  5. Because it is not easy to use.
    I'm experienced at leveling writing across Primary, P levels to level 5, and I find APP hard to get my head around. In fact I don't think my leveling using APP would have been accurate if I did not also have all that prior experience.
    If you are inexperienced in planning and assessment then APP and the new frameworks are not the easiest tools to work with.
  6. I'm a bit geeky with my assessment, always trying new things - there's got to be an easy manageable way!?
    Latest method - took all APP statements from level 2 put them down 1 A3 sheet, 30 columns (one for each child) Every unit I do at least two independent pieces of writing, one beginning and one end. I use these pieces to mark off objectives, see gaps and see progress in one unit. Also try to plan one independent piece a week in genre not being taught to see if they remember rather than just assessing genre they are currently being taught.
    Manageable for me, and they have all made progress! Half class moved at least 2/3 this year.
  7. What about the ones working at level 1 or level 3? Or the ones that are dipping from level 2 into level 1 or 3? Do you have A3 sheets for them or do you concentrate on a core bank of level 2 statements and perhaps make notes about individuals who are higher or lower?
  8. I've done a sheet for each level, each level of APP statements fits on to two landscape A4 which I photocopy on to one A3. If the child doesn't meet many statements I go back if they meet lots I go forward.
    I use a triangle system, three sides if I am confident they have got it and meet the statement in most of their work. Areas with one or less mark would become that child's target.
  9. Thank you for that Yaminsmum. I'm with you now! I was picturing some big, complex sheet that sort of looked like the APP ones but with boxes for this, that and the other! So you don't use the APP grids, just the assessment focus comments on your own marksheet?

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