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Levelling for KS3 ICT

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by garywynne, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Our department islooking for advice, information, links and maybe resources that may help us become more proficient, consistent and possibly more efficient when levelling work in KS3 ICT. In these times of school hardship funding for courses is currently unavailable but we really just people to help us with their experiences of what seems to work at their own schools. Thanks
  2. LOL.

    Levels at ks3 is another utterly pointless and futile waste of everyone's time. Read the levels. Read the app criteria. They are anything you want them to be. As with cross curricula ict, anything you try will fail. It will be meaningless and not stand scrutiny. This is based on years of experience. So my advice? Ignore them and make your own up, cross refereced to level descriptors and app descriptors.
  3. APP is better than the original level descriptors - at least it says "if a pupil can do this, this is an appropriate grade to give them" and does standardize it in line with your professional opinion.
    But as mossonbrick says, huddle around a table as a dept, decide what learning you want to get out of said unit and then devise criteria referencing both descriptors in pupil speak. Much easier.

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