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levelled assessment tasks

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by NOTLOBWAND, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Hi
    Our department is currently trying to devise levelled assessment tasks for ks3.
    We were wondering if........
    a) anyone could share some 'tried and tested' tasks with us............/or
    b) point us in the direction of websites which could help.
    We have a new head who is changing virtually EVERYTHING in the school at the minute and we are REALLY bogged down and under stress. ANY help would be massively helpful !!
    Thank you for reading this , and for any help you can offer.
  2. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    If you have the think RE books there are some good examples of level assessment in there.

    Level 3 Describe, make links
    Level 4 Show understanding, apply ideas
    Level 5 Explain, express their views
    Level 6 Interpret, express insight
    Level 7 Show coherent understanding, account for, evaluate
    Level 8 Analyse and contextualise, justify their views

    If you search for levels in re in the search bar you will find 100 of pages/threads on levels.

    For example a level 3 questions would be something like describe Hindu views on war

    Level 4 would start to show/ link in religious beliefs

    level 5 would explain those religious beliefs in more depth

    level 6 might be how they are show in real life, ie interpreting behaviour

    and so on....

    PS its important these levels are not just a add on, you work toward them all the time and the kids understand them, not just a number in their books.
  3. Thank you Grandelf,
    We don't have think RE books - maybe that's a good idea ( but we don't get much allowance really.)
    The young member of the department is embracing this but there are 2 of us who are about to retire in the next couple of years who are finding this nigh on impossible!
    We're desperate for someone to guide us and point us in the right direction!
    Could YOU be our 'guiding light'????!!!!!
    We can find loads about the levels themselves - we need the assessment tasks please.
  4. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    have a look in the resource bank on here
    or restuff is worth the 20 quid fee.

    What do you need the assessment tasks on? i work this way around, find out what the assessment I am doing is about then set tasks to match the levels.

  5. As Grandelf says it really depends on what you teach in KS3. I have levelled assessments on:
    year 7: Nativity story, The Prodigal Son & the Resurrection
    year 8: Jewish identity, hajj
    year 9: protest, Martin Luther King
    pm me your email address and I'll send any along that you want to look at. We are a girls grammar though so we do tend to concentrate on higher level thinking so they would need adapting
  6. Currently we have the following ks3 levelled assessments as a 'formal' assessment although we do try to level as much of the pupils work as possible.
    Year 7
    *Extended research project on one of the major religions
    *Hinduism board game
    *pupils own creation story
    *design a multi faith centre
    Year 8
    *the greatest leader
    *Has Christmas lost its meaning?
    *The Hajj
    Year 9
    * Should capital punishment be brought back in the UK?
    * Discrimination - an examination of media articles
    * Why do people believe in God? (Research investigation)
    Drop me a message if any of these are of any use

  7. Thank you ezzysunlight and emski24 for your offers of help. I have contacted you both via your tes profiles. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  8. Hi
    I have recently taken on the post of key stage 3 co-ordinator and am looking to change asssessments would you mind emailing me copies of yours-not for me to copy at all bust just to give me an idea of whether i am on the right track with the work that i am doing? obviously i would be happy to share with any of you also.
    Thanks my email is
  9. Hi,
    We are in a similar position and also finding this difficult, I would REALLY love it if you could forward anything you recieve to me as we now have to assess our pupils 3 times a year and I'm running out of ideas. We also have to sub-level so I need to be as accurate as possible. HELP.
    P.S. we alao have to do this for KS2 as well as 3 so anything basic would be useful to.
  10. i have emailed the files to those that requested them, check your inboxes :)
  11. Emski24-can i please have a copy of these assessments? i will be happy to share anything that i have in return. Thanks
  12. lodhi

    lodhi New commenter

    Hi Emki 24

    May I have a copy as well please?
    Thanks in advance. jlodhi1@hotmail.com
  13. Hi Emski24
    Might you be able to email the tasks to me at?
    I'd be happy to share the three that I have managed to do to date.
    All help gratefully received!
  14. Hi, would you be able to email any resources to me as well! Will be happy to share what we use at the moment.
  15. i've been trawiling the forums for help with RE assessment! I've taken over a department with NOTHING in place at all! Sow or assessment!!!!! I wondered if you wouldn't mind sending me any help you have! anything will be greatly appreciated!

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