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Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by NIXIEH, Mar 3, 2012.


    NIXIEH New commenter

    I am new to Y6 but this year we are sitting a few children on L6 maths paper (like many other schools) for the first time. I recently went on an LEA course where we went though questions etc but nobody could tell us what the threshold was to achieve L6 on the paper other than the fact that you had to pass the L5 paper to get the L6!! Does anyone have any idea about what the L6 paper pass mark would be - not sure if they are even going to have L6 sub levels!
  2. Last year the level 6 pass mark was 50% ( the paper was out of 50 in total). Not sure about this year, presumably it will vary in as much as the other thresholds do.
  3. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    I'm marking the Year 6 this year, but haven't had anything through yet, of course.

    I think the 50% "pass" mark is probably going to stay about the same, as it is not "they can do everything at Level 6", rather that they show capability and understanding on a range of Level 6 topics.

    I don't think they should have sublevels, as again it's not the whole of level 6 being tested, just an hour's worth, and secondary schools will not have so many of them that they need to use it for fine-tuning setting etc.

    I'm also working with a local primary school doing Level 6 topics with 5 of their students - and I'm very much marketing it to them as "NOT SATS", just an extra test that we're happening to do. I don't want them stressed about proving their Level 6 worthiness.
  4. Absolutely! My Level 5's can volunteer to sit the Level 6 paper if they want, but as they are being held after our post SATs celebration we are treating them as a "bit of fun"! ( Mind you, if the results start to appear on league tables there might be a shift in emphasis[​IMG] )
  5. ranahisham

    ranahisham New commenter


    My son is in year 5 and is actually in level 4a. I already wrote a topic about it and received excellent advices. I didn't know that there was a level 5-6 paper. Could you please direct me to some more information about it and where to find some old papers or mock papers to practice with my 2 sons (twins )

    Is there a book or anything that can help to practice on level 5-6.

    Thank you
  6. ranahisham

    ranahisham New commenter

    Thank you coffeeplease !! I know I am one week late !!

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