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Level Progress in Art and Design KS3

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by dana_leigh, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone

    I just want to find out a bit more about how you all level at key stage 3

    When I trained 10 years ago the levels were divided a bit into year groups ie year 7, Levels 3-5, year 8 Levels 4-6 and year 9 Levels 5-7 and exceptionally level 8

    over the 10 years I've hardly even levelled any year 9 above level 6a.

    The other day I had an observation which showed that my class (year 8) were not making progress based on their KS2 data and set target but are making progress according to their year 7 baseline data.

    My question is twofold

    1) what do you expect level wise averagely for each year group? Do you teach them this way or do you level 3-8 regardless of their age?

    2) does your school/do you find them making progress against KS2 average data or do you baseline test and progress from there?

    I am looking to modify my teaching to match my schools data expectations but I have never seen a school/department teach differently from how I have done over the 10 years (I've not just taught in the one school) and am looking for ideas on how to modify tasks to fit such a wide range.

    I've not been an any courses or CPD training for 5 years because my school only seem to allow it for new recruits or NQT's. When I asked to go to a new curriculum course it was denied.

    Thanks in advance

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