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level expectations for each year group - please help!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by takethatno1fan, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. JoJo37

    JoJo37 New commenter

    Reply to post 9, I suppose that does follow on we are only KS1 though.
  2. takethatno1fan

    takethatno1fan New commenter

    Thanks all so much for your comments.

    I can stop beating myself down now about those children that have only moved up 1 sub-level (classed as low achievers)!!!!

    When I have looked over the 2 years they have all (bar 1) moved up at least 1 whole level.
  3. Glad you feel better about it! One of mine who has failed to reach level 4, despite her FFT target, has in fact made 4 sublevels progress since last September, so I know I can't be a completely awful teacher.
  4. HI
    I am a year 2 teacher and I am expected to move children 3 parts of a level in one year! I have yet to come across another school with such a high target.
    In some instances, children are expected to move 4. (these are children that are behind a target set by ELG)
    My performance management is based on this, so you can imagine how intense the year is.
    Doeds anybody else have these expectations in their school?
  5. I would be making a bit of a fuss about this. Of course you will be aiming for them to move perhaps 3 sublevels (2 is the expectation i believe) and some chn will move ahead well. I have had Y1 this year and have had about 5 chn who moved 3 or 4 sublevels, however they came in on ELG 4 / 5, I certainly don't expect that they will make this same progress in Y2 (and i am teaching them again so i'll get to see first hand) in fact most of them i would think will only move 1 sublevel next year. If you can prove how you have aimed for them to achieve this and how you have supported them will this support your Perf Man? If not start stamping those feet! Good luck with it!!
  6. One of my children learnt to swim this year after being scared of water in September. A bully has learnt to treat others with respect. An isolate has made some friends. The one with mild autism has learnt to cope with the needs of others. One very rude boy has learnt some manners. We all learnt to write better. We all now read better. We can do maths well. We have learnt about new art techniques. At our Outdoor Ed centre we bonded as a team, learnt to laugh together and trust each other away from our homes.
    Should I turn my children into numbers for some uncaring governmental agency who see children as data? Officially one of my boys gained 4 sublevels in writing but I think the fact that he is a confident writer now and proud of his books is more important.
    2 sublevels? Who with a heart honestly cares?
  7. I agree! we were recently inspected and on our target tracking, we expected the children to move 2 sub levels yet have been told that this is not challenging enough- we deal with a large number of SEN too and there are so much more important things other than sub levels! yet the pressure still comes!
  8. Year6teacher93, you're spot on!

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