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level check resource added

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by judomum, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Hi guys
    we have an imminent ofsted inspection starting next Tuesday (gulp!!) and was wondering if you could help.
    After a recent observation by an AST, for which I was graded outstanding (phew finally LOL) she suggested a more explicit way of showing progress in 20 mins might be needed for inspection purposes.
    I have produced a check list for a basic biscuit practical lesson aimed at year 7 and was wondering if some of you foodies might take a look and see what you think. It's in resources.
    Hopefully I wil change for other dishes as time allows so willing to share.
  2. forgot to say its called
    Practical lesson level checker
  3. Hi, had a look...very good. (spelling of by needs changing, you have buy), will they have time to be filling these in? pens out in practical areas? could you put on whiteboard and get them to do it verbally?..pick out a few and ask them?
    saves trees too! Good luck!
    Sue x
  4. could you share how u got outstanding? do you have a list of what you need to have in a lesson be to outstanding?
    im ever searching and seeking out a way of getting a 1!!!!

  5. it took me four years to get there!
    Lots of things....
    a good behaviour management policy in place in school; it's easy to use and therefore easy to be consistant and fair. Building good relationships goes a long way. Kids know what you expect and what you will do if they don't follow the school rules. Equally lots of praise and we use guild point system for rewards. Put them on system in front of the whole class.
    routines established for example never let an individual go, work as teams, clean up together. I provide ingredients for students who tell me IN ADVANCE that they cant get them , for any reason financial or logistical for as long as i can afford to. Students who just forget are then the only ones who get punished by having to do written work instead.
    lesson planning always highlights individuals or groups that need support either by differentiated resources, peer support, teacher support (even little things like checking while they light ovens if unsure can show you know your students), I dont often differentiate by task but allow students to adapt their recipes if it's appropriate
    up to date marking, one thing that has improved my teaching over the last few years has been to add assessment for learning criteria on workbooks. Highlighting what they need to do for each level. ZigZag style (if you know the resource) but I "personalise" each page that will contribute to their final level.
    Finally our HOd introduced a great Marksheet which has been really usefull. Would share it but its not mine to offer :-( but it involves lots of stamping with coloured markers and its very visual. Students use it. I think this is the most important thing, they actually ask to get it out and have a look to see where they are for planning or evaluation etc.
    the sheet in the resource section here on TES was a "tweek" suggested by an AST to show/prove? progress in 20mins if ofsted came in, I dont think i will use it on a regular basis , too much paper. but will use it on the whiteboard as a class check and get students to jot down answers on a post it or individuals to give answers outloud.
    sorry for any typos, brain works faster than the fingers LOL

  6. sorry for long ramble

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