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Level 7 in year 8

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by prontoprint, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. My son has done SATs
    a year early and achieved level 7.Is this a good result or are the school trying to make it sound great?


    P.S. I copied the word "SATs" from the letter I received.
  2. My son has done SATs
    a year early and achieved level 7.Is this a good result or are the school trying to make it sound great?


    P.S. I copied the word "SATs" from the letter I received.
  3. Yes this is a good result. The highest level is a level 8, and the average at year 9 is level 5.
  4. Maybe he should hvave done it next year and got an 8 or done it in Y7 and got a 6?
  5. what advantages would there be in gaining level 8 a year later?
  6. swampyjo

    swampyjo New commenter

  7. Colleen_Young

    Colleen_Young Occasional commenter

    prontoprint, do you know what happens next? When will your son take GCSE?
  8. mmmmmaths

    mmmmmaths New commenter

    Yes it is a good result. Most of the level sevens achieved in our year 9 turn into at least A's 2 years later at GCSE. So if he is aiming to sit early GCSE in year 10 I would expect this to be his target grade.

    re post 4 No advantage (don't think post 3 was trying to be helpful)
  9. It's a brilliant result. I agree with mmmmmaths, we expect our Y9's who get 7's to turn into A's with some getting A*'s in Y11.

    I wouldn't recommend taking GSCE early though, unless he's ready.
    We have some pupils who are ready in Y10 but sometimes pupils who take GCSE early can do really well and get an A but then maybe they would have got an A* in Y11.

    To most pupils the difference is negligible but I did hear of a pupil trying to get into uni to be a vet and because of the fierce competition an A* in Maths GCSE was deemed essential. It's just heresay, I don't know how accurate that is.

    Anyway, a big well done to your son!
  10. At our place we have taken the decision not to enter students early for GCSE but we do take their mathematics education further than GCSE standard and then the students sit whatever exams (if any) are most appropriate for their ability levels.

    Our logic is that GCSE is an exam designed to be sat at the end of compulsory education (Year 11) and that the pupil gains no advantage for having got it a year early (the 'get it out of the way' doesn't really apply because if a pupil is G&T enough to considered to enter early then, by the end of year 11, they shouldn't find it too much of a push to get that A*). By concentrating on educating the young mathematicians in mathematics and thinking of exams as just a measure of where they are at the end we tend to get the students away from thinking of us as an 'exam factory'.
  11. thankyou for your helpful comments.I don't think there is any plan to sit GCSE early.My son has done Maths and English early to give some focus for year 8.

    Hopefully he will continue to enjoy Maths....just don't ask for help with homework!!
  12. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    In our school about 15% of pupils get Level 7 (or higher) in the Year 8 Optional tests (if they have previously got a 7b or 7a they get the chance of doing a KS3 6-8 paper).

    If you had got a letter saying that he had got a Level 8 in year 8 I would have been more impressed - we only had 2 pupils do this (out of 150) in Year 8.

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