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Level 4 literacy

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by debity, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Has level 4 literacy be disbanded /no longer recognised?
  2. Has level 4 literacy be disbanded /no longer recognised?
  3. It is to do with the "new" National Qualification Framework - if you start this now it will be advertised as a Level 5 diploma...
  4. Dance

    Can I assume my level 4 is out of date?

    From what i can see literacy is not a highly regarded subject.
  5. I have to be honest I can't answer that except that I have a Level 4 Adult Numeracy subject specialism which is deemed acceptable for me to be able to to apply for my QTLS so I don't think it can be.
    I deliver Functional Skills and Literacy and Numeracy qualifications are what you need to deliver the maths and english.
  6. Dance,

    Due to a VERY bad working environment I've not been involved in literacy for a year. What would be the best way of getting back into it ?

    I miss working in education.
  7. Level 4 is fine if that was the current highest level when you were training or you did it as an add on having done your PGCE before the days of the lit quals. They have upgraded it to a level 5 because it is embedded into the current post grad teaching quals (PDGE etc.)which were also upscaled a couple of years ago.
  8. Did my level 4 alongside PGCE. That was hard work.[​IMG]

    My other question is how do i get back into teaching? I enjoy class based teaching which I am very good at, although I have to admit am very creative enjoy the interaction of class based activity, hence don't enjoy on-to-one tutoring much.

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