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Level 3 Science - AQA Applied General? BTEC? CTEC?

Discussion in 'Science' started by Bert92, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Bert92

    Bert92 New commenter

    Hi all,

    We are currently delivering AQA Applied General as our alternative to A levels in the 6th form. Students are finding it challenging, staff are struggling with the lack of resources and management are failing to grasp the change in entry requirements needed for pupils to be successful.

    Following our dodgy pass rate last summer and in anticipation of the Yr 13 results this year SLT have asked about alternatives that could be offered. Reading through all the posts on here it seems that CTEC is non existent and BTEC has much the same issues.

    What do you currently offer?
    Anyone swapping/changing/sticking with what they are doing/ know of any amazing Level 3 course that is actually accessible to non A level students?!!!
  2. Jeroniymo

    Jeroniymo New commenter

    The applied general is the best one …. BTEC has more resources but is more restricting and all those nearby who teach it find it horrendous.

    I am getting decent results with GCSE C grade pupils (Merits / Distinctions)

    And D grade pupils as Passing

    This will improve as the higher standards of the new GCSE kick in

    I feel the course is accessible to pupils GCSE D grade and above - but you need to spend 50% of Year 12 on unit 1, 35% of Unit 2 and 15% on unit 3.

    The biggest issue with last years resukts was that the Science ISA marks skewed many pupils (We had pupils in from a local school with A* ISA's but D/E in Exams)

    The new GCSE will avoid that issue.

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