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Level 3 - relivant qualification?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by picsgirl, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. picsgirl

    picsgirl New commenter

    Hi, I just completed my level 2 QCF (NVQ) Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools apprenticeship.
    My current job is temporary and finishes next week - I don't have another for September.
    I feel to stand a chance of getting an interview I need a level 3 qualification - I've been told by the training provider I cannot do the level 3 apprenticeship as I'm not in paid employment.
    The local college does not offer a stand alone NVQ - they only provide the technical/knowledge based certificate. (The course if full for this Sept).
    Any suggestions how I can get qualified to get a job? Are the online courses recognised?
    I don't want to waste time & money if they are nothing more than a piece of paper to employers.
  2. Haveyou considered the OU's Certificate in SUpporting learning in Primary Schools? It is a level 4 qualification, so higher than an NVQ3.
    I have just finished it and loved it, you have to do one day a week on placement or be employed as a TA. The cost is £700, but I felt it was worth every penny! (And it counts towards the foundation degree in primary teaching and learning if you decide to continue with this type of study).
    In my area you won't get an interview without a level 3 NVQ (QCF), and my LEA don't recognise some online courses that claim to be accredited.
    The OU course starts in oct, so if you want to do, it, get registered - Oh and you can pay/part pay with Tesco clubcard vouchers. (Subject to terms and conditions etc).
    Good luck with what you decide.
  3. picsgirl

    picsgirl New commenter

    Thanks TAWren.
    I have looked at it, my concern would be is it too large a leap from L2 to L4. Did you miss out L3?
    How many study hours per week did you do on average?
    I've only worked one year as a 1:1 SEN TA plus 1 year volunteering (2 afternoons) - would this be enough experience to gain a L4 qualification?
    In this area the majortiy of TA jobs are grade 1, with the LEA asking for a L1 or 2 qualification, the grade 3 jobs they ask for L3/4 qualifications.
  4. Hi,
    I didn't do L2 or L3 before doing E111. Yes your volunteering hours would be enough, but you'd have to keep doing min 5 hours a week in school for the duriation of the course.
    Even though I have the L4 qualification (well officially not until 5th August, but who's counting?!) I am applying for grade 1 jobs, not because I am not qualified but partly because I don't have enough experience for a grade 3 job, also all but 1 vacancies advertised locally have been for grade one anyway.
    You will be fine doing this course after doing the L2, they recommend 16 hours a week, but some weeks I did 10 hours, others I did 20 hours (if an assignment was due) or I was behind.
    It really is a fab course in my opinion!
  5. Hi
    Just check that OU E111 is accepted by your LEA. I have just completed it and it was extremely interesting but our local LEA do not recognise it as no one comes into observe and assess you. It is like banging your head against a brick wall, even though it is a nationally acredited qualification and a TDA endorsed module. Therefore because the essential criteria is stating NVQ 2 or 3 or equivalent per QCA document Headteachers are unsure of whether they can employ you. I am now wondering whether I will have to do a level 3 qualification but not sure if this is possible if not employed. There are lots of people who do get employed in other areas of the country after doing this worthwhile course so it may be fine for you.

    Good luck

  6. That's odd, I've never heard that before, which LEA is it? I was told that as it is on Ofqual's register of regulated qualifications AND endorsed by the TDA that is is a nationally recognised qualification, ie recognised by government. Not sure how a LEA can over ride that. But some seem to make up rules to suit them. I've not had a problem. In fact I have had one head say to me at interview that she prefers E111 as a qualification over NVQs.
  7. Hi, it is Wirral LEA and it is really frustrating, have even phoned them and stated all about it being accredited etc. It migh eventually be accepted but its all a big iff? and not helping in the job search process at the moment. Good luck with your results and also awaiting mine
  8. How annoying for you! Not long to wait for the results now - just over 2 weeks. Good luck with yours, too!
    I'm going for an interview tomorrow, and they know I am awaiting results of E111, (I sent them a copy of all my assignment scores; I got all 78% except one was 93%). So wish me luck with that, too!

  9. Good luck hope you get the job, well done with your scores. i got some 78s and some 63s for assignments but as you can imagine am in a bit of a quandry as what to do next, fingers crossed for you for tomorrow
  10. They're good marks, well done!
    If i were you, I would apply for TA jobs and see what happens, individual schools have preferences and some will accept it for the level 4 qualification that it is. (Equivalent to NVQ L4).
    Any thanls for fingers crossed. I'll be nervous by lunch time. (interview is at 2.30). I'msupposed to be in school all day tomorrow (I still do my 1 day a week) so am still going to go in the morning and leave at lunch time to get ready.
  11. picsgirl

    picsgirl New commenter

    Just been looking at the OU course - from 2012 the price increases from £700 to £2500.
    Now I'm not sure what to do - I don't have a permanent job for September - but can volunteer ans do supply work. I had wanted to do a level 3 course first, not sure waht to do.
  12. hi i've been working at a school for 3 years now and ive completed the NCFE LEVEL 3, I was wondering would it be possible to complete E111 without attending placement as I may need to
    be off work next year when i start E111. could i count my previous experience towards the written assisgnments.
    I'm currently an OU student working towards my 2nd degree in CHildhood and Youth, completed E100 and starting U212.

    thank you.
  13. wkhan, you HAVE to have a placement at a priamary achool for a minimum 5 hours a week for the duration of E111. You cannot use previous work for assignments, BUT you can draw on previous experience for one on the assignments.



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