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Level 3 qualifications

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by madmazza7, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Does the gist of your post suggest that at the moment level 3 courses are fully funded generally? (Sorry if this is a stupid question but I am new to this forum but am considering taking up a level 3 course in September but have no idea where to start looking for one!)
  2. rolls

    rolls New commenter

    At the moment they are generally 50% funded so there are fees but they will increase considerably in 2013. Look for courses through your local FE college or possibly through your local authority.
  3. I am looking into taking a level 3 course starring in September. My level 2 course finishes in June and I'm looking t my options at the minute. Does anyone recommend a home learning level 3 course as I quite fancy not attending college. Just wondered how does tis work? Eg observations etc
  4. Hi.

    If you want to do a distance learning course, I can throughly recommend the OU's course, Supporting learning in Primary Schools . it is in fact a level 4 qualification and I did it Oct 2010- May 2011. It can also be counted towards a degree as well as qualifing you to be TA.
  5. Hi sounds interesting thank you. I have looked on the OU website but can't find the course is it the first part of a degree? I'm looking for a home learning one and I am thinking of doing a degree eventually
  6. rolls

    rolls New commenter

    The OU module mentioned is part of their Foundation Degree (details at http://www3.open.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/qualification/pathways/x02-1.htm)
    You can complete a whole Foundation Degree with the OU or use the module towards a foundation degree at a local college or university. However, they may want you to have undertaken some level 3 work before you enrol.
    I wouldn't recommend a distance level 3 course. As an admission tutor for a foundation degree we are very wary of distance learning at this level as there are some that you are able to pass without being observed in a school environment.
  7. Thank you very much for providing the link. I think I am going to do the level 3 course at a home learning college. I have looked at my local college and they run he same course as the home learning one which is ncfe supporting teaching and learning in schools. The course is more expensive than if I did it at college but it's more conveinent
  8. this is a fantastic course, i too did this a couple of years ago, you will learn loads, and will help tremendously within sc hool, it also puts you on level pegging with a HLTA. in my authority anyway. technically it is the academic side of the HLTA, where the HLTA has a lot of practical work the OU course is more in depth and only a little practical work.
  9. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    The HLTA is about you and your job. The Tasks are Tasks you must do in your school with the children you work with so that is why they are practical but you are expected to have the knowledge behind it because YOU plan it. It is meant for people who are already working at that level so that it can be recognised.It is not really like a course.You are only taught how to present the information in the format as it is about gathering evidence. I did a Level 4 before and after my HLTA and you cannot compare them because they are completely different. Both are worthwhile.

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