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Level 3 Diploma

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by rednelly84, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. rednelly84

    rednelly84 Occasional commenter

    Hi All,

    I am posting on behalf of one of my TAs. She has sourced the "Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools" course through tacollege.com

    We work in a school abroad so she will be completing the course remotely whilst continuing in her role as a TA. Our company is paying for half of the course however this is a month's salary for her and is therefore a big decision. She would like to know if this is the course TAs need to be able to work in schools in England and if the course itself is worth completing or if anyone has anything to add about the provider. Her long term plans are to return to the UK at some point and continue in her role as a TA.

    Any advice you can give would be most welcome.


  2. Belle60_3

    Belle60_3 New commenter

    Yes this is the course you want, though I did mine through a local college and the awarding body was 'edexcel'. Yes it is very worthwhile completing as that's what many schools and agencies ask for when recruiting. There will be a lot of writing involved though if she is not having observations.

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