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Level 3 BTECs New Specs / Course ideas?

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by rhharrington, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. rhharrington

    rhharrington New commenter

    I have just looked through the new Level 3 (A Level) BTEC Specs, they look pretty awful, with an exam and controlled assessment element. I have also herd rumors that UCAS points for BTEC subjects are now going to be lowered?

    Taking all this into consideration, I am very doubtful that we will run this course next year. I am now after suggestions for post 16 business courses, that will best fit the following;

    - we have almost been a victim of our own success as a result the 6th form is a lot more inclusive. Basically a lot of middle ability kids now attend.

    - I am a really big believer in giving the pupils as much practical/work experience as possible. Which is why I was a fan of the old BTEC courses. Where we did not have to hammer exam revision for 6months.

    Thank you

  2. PoundStretcher

    PoundStretcher New commenter


    I suspect that all courses of this type will go this way due to the curriculum reforms which were imposed in recent years. Any course of this type is likely to have an examined content. The other consideration I suppose will be whether they will appear on the accredited list of qualifications for applied general or technical qualifications so that they can contribute to school performance tables.

    We are in a similar situation with regards to our subject's success in this respect and we too are waiting to see what finally appears.
  3. Ellis78

    Ellis78 New commenter

    I've yet to read through the New Spec in detail however the UCAS points allocation for a BTEC Level 3 Certificate is in fact HIGHER than an AS level.
    It would appear the DfE/OFQUAL are trying to steer students towards studying the two year A levels as opposed to one year AS's. This could however breed a one year BTEC course culture whereby students leave at 18 with 3.5 A levels.......

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