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Level 3 Btec Art & Design

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by shmoob, May 21, 2012.

  1. have you checked edexcel website? http://www.edexcel.com/quals/nationals10/art/Pages/default.aspx
    plenty of level 3 photography within the 'BTEC nationals from 2010' section.
    look at the art and design specification - this will give you the list of units (core and specialist) that you would need to cover to achieve the photography qualifications, as well as guidance on delivery etc.
    I don't think 'adapting' units would be a great idea - or indeed writing them - although this is I believe possible, you would only want to do it if you had some specific local need that is not covered by the existing units. communication through art and design is unit 4, a core (aka mandatory) unit http://nd-photo.co.uk/supportingdocs/2010/Unit_4_Communication_through_Art_and_Design.pdf
    link above opens unit 4 specification
    I think you should find enough information to get you started on the edexcel website. It's no joy to navigate and I despair at the language used in assessment criteria etc, but once you get the hang of it you can generally find what you need.
    I've got to say, it sounds like your line manager / HOD have rather dropped you in it - do they have any experience delivering edexcel quals - or is this a first? I'd be inclined to ask for some support with this (if there is anyone who can help you) otherwise this could be a nightmare which you get to carry the can for when things go pear-shaped.
    hope this helps - good luck!
  2. Thanks, yeah i felt a bit dropped in it, they stopped the A-level Photography course to start btec without even consulting the people teaching it, not realising their was no specific btec photogrpahy that could replace an a-level. Not fair on the students that signed up to take photography and me having to write everything from scratch! no tlr for it either (would of been nice!) thanks for your help
  3. Hi, i understand how you feel, i am also teaching BTEC level 3 certificate in Photography for the first time next year. I have taught A level photography and really enjoyed it however i am finding BTEC confusing.

    Firstly from looking at the standardisation material they seem to suggest doing 2 projects for one unit, or possibly using one project for evidence in 2 separate units. For example splitting a found objects project and using the artist research work to evidence a specific unit, and using the development work to say evidence unit 2, materials, techniques and processes. Hope this makes sense. I would prefer to do one large project for each unit and obviously make sure it covers all of the Learning objectives, is this ok?

    Also does anyone have any assignments that they wouldn't mind sharing? After viewing the standardisation, there was only one decent project brief and it was for level one. It would be useful to see a well written assignment, then to adapt it.

    Also for unit 2, materials techniques and processes does it have to be vocational? I was planning on doing this unit first to show them how the DSLR camera works, getting them to experiment with shutter speed, ISO, aperture, exposure, lenses, flash etc. Then they could experiment with Lightroom and photoshop. The theme is hopefully going to be 'thingy-mabodies' students explore this theme thinking about found objects, ordinary, precious, historical, personal objects etc.



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