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Level 3 Btec Applied Science NQF

Discussion in 'Science' started by particlezoo, Sep 24, 2019.

  1. particlezoo

    particlezoo New commenter

    Hi everyone

    I've just received the curriculum model for Sept 2019 and SLT have asked that we teach Btec level 3 NQF single in one year on 5 hours a week. Is this feasible as it's only 50% of the guided learning hours from the spec? Our kids are low ability and poorly motivated.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Goat2

    Goat2 New commenter

    Not a happy topic by the look of it. You've had 71 views mine with similar requests has 95 but no advice or comment!!
    Looking at the Spec and especially the need to prepare for external assessment I'd say 5 is way too low. It is triple A level so should have the same as anyone takin Bio PHys Chem Currently QCF gets12 hours a week but suspect that will drop on the management basis of " only 13 Units"

    All the best, will keep a check on your request.
  3. christubbs

    christubbs New commenter

    Not feasible if you want them to get anything above a pass ! Unit 1 and 2 in particular too difficult. moderation of coursework is pretty strict as well. we do the a-level equivalent in 2 years (just). Could cut a few corners i suppose but the kids are weak and need repetition.

    Show them nearby colleges/schools prospectus - dont think you will see them doing it in 1 year with 5 hrs per week!

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