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Level 3 applied science - What will people be offering from sept 2016?

Discussion in 'Science' started by tjholland1, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. tjholland1

    tjholland1 New commenter

    As the BTEC level 3 applied science changes next September from being 100% coursework, to 50% exam and 50% coursework I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were.

    I have looked through the AQA and BTEC specs and I'm concerned that the specification statements for the externally assessed units maybe too difficult the kind of students we have enrolling on this course.

    Any ideas/advice would be great.

  2. stephboyce

    stephboyce New commenter


    We too are in the process of debating this. We are currently using AQA Applied Science A level. We are considering a move from this to the new BTEC National. We are debating between this course and the new Applied Science qualification. I have my doubts about this qualification as it sounds like a BTEC as in students get passes, merits, distinction grades and exams can be entered in January and June. However it also has properties of an A level- therefore I wonder if it is going to crash and burn as it is neither a BTEC nor an A level. We too also have concerns regarding subject content and the level of difficulty that this may represent for the types of student that we attract to this kind of course. Not sure I have been much help, but it may be worth seeing if the new Applied Science qualification is a good fit for your school and students.
  3. Mr Andy

    Mr Andy New commenter

    After several excellent years with AQA Applied Science I am reviewing the new courses. OCR are offering an alternative Cambridge Technical Science Technician Course. This course has a pathways design so you can take a chem, bio or physics pathway to suit the cohort. I actually prefer it to the AQA course in many ways except one. ALL units/modules have to be passed so there is no failing a module and compensating with results from another.
    AQA is looking most likely, as it will likely be a similar system of moderation to the current one for external units. As in all Level 3 courses the balance has shifted towards external assessment .
    It's a real difficult one and to be honest I am having difficulty shaking off the idea of "doing a BTEC" which has been somewhat scarred with the idea that they are dumbed down qualifications (even though that is really not the truth. Let me know how you guys get on

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