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Level 2 TA or Level 3! whats the difference???

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by poppy6, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. I did plenty of theory work on my Level 3 TA course.... it certainly was not ticking boxes to pass modules.
  2. You weren't bunched as 'school support staff', you always were. You were never, are not and never will be the class teacher without gaining QTS. You do not have the same knowledge, expertise and specialised training as a class teacher. This argument is all academic anyway, no one is going to get a pay rise out of it!
  3. Hi Poppy6
    Similar to yourself I also trained at Level 3 but my course was actually a Diploma in Child and Education Level 3. It is 2 year course which puts theory into practice (e.g. we learnt about the curriculum, different theorists, etc. and then whilst we was in placement we would get to practice what we learnt). A lot of people who completed this course were also confused as to what job title they were upon qualifying and in truth I am a qualified Level 3 Nursery Nurse, Level 3 TA and general LSA. How they differ is for the Foundation Phase (stage) years in nursery and Reception they were most comonly known as nursery nurses. However, year 1 and above were know as either TA's or LSA's. Honestly, I think the titles mean basically the same thing - you are support staff for the children and the teacher. The difference between Levels is were it commonly changes the role as you will see if you apply for jobs online.
    After qualifying I was employed on a temporary basis as a Level 3 TA, whilst there I covered classes prepared lessons and did everything else expected of a TA or nursery nurse.
    Although, I have just got a job as a Level 2 TA in a reception class and I am little worried as is what is expected of me aswell, because as I am a Level 3 I am used to doing quite alot. So I myself hope there isn't a lot of differences in the job roles because I love responsibility. The only difference I think there is between the Levels is the salary. Only time will tell for me though.
    Hope this was somewhat useful, but I think I myself sound a little confused as to what the difference is aswell as I am yet to experience it! Lol :)
  4. i agree with what you have said about the fact of the cources as i have done both and the childcare is much more intense, but the fact of a L2 TA being cheaper then a nursery nurse is wrong as a TA is paid loads more then a nurse....... i feel that in any job your are not good untill you have worked in one for a number of years
  5. Spelling mistake: whether

    Always check your own spelling before criticising others, to avoid embarrassment...

    The nursery nurse qualification is a much higher level of qualification than the level 3 TA qualification and used to command a much higher salary. Those nursery nurses who held the qualification prior to the governments reduction in pay, still earn twice as much as most TA's.

    A nursery nurse is qualified to run and manage a nursery on their own, to plan, home visit, hold parent's meetings etc. It is a teaching qualification for the nursery age; with TA's working under their guidance, seen in most schools as being level with the teacher and attending the same Inset days and staff meetings.

    It does not matter how much you wish to feel valued, it will not change the facts that some people are considered to be qualified at a higher level. There is always someone higher up than you, unless you are Michael Gove perhaps.
  6. Sorry, I've read through a lot of this thread and am a bit confused. Can someone help me please.
    What level is NNEB considered to be?
    I work as and am qualified as a level 3 LSA. The course I did was 18mnths long, needing a few hours every eve to complete assignments. It was for the nvq and btec 3 simultaneously and combined both practical and theory based learning so I too learned about Piaget, Bruner, legislation and everything else I've read mentioned about the nursery nurse course. I'm struggling to see the difference?
    I'm now studying towards a learning support foundation degree which is considered level 5. To those who feel TAs are not as well qualified as nursery nurses, do you think this qualification will put me on par with you?
  7. So I've got an Honours degree and I'm now working as a Level 1 TA in the morning and HLTA in the afternoons - where does that place me on this hierarchy?
    It doesn't matter what your qualifications are, you do the job description to the best of your ability.
    P.S. Neither Nursery nurses or TAs are qualified teachers so cannot be solely responsible for the education of pupils - we work as a team using or individual and group skills without petty squabbling!
  8. I have been asked, with another member of staff, to come up with a TA charter for my school. I thought if I looked on this forum it would enable me to gather some useful information. OMG! How embarrassing you all ! I carry my work out diligently and for the progression of the children. Not for self gratification.
  9. Wotton

    Wotton Lead commenter

  10. Oh dear. Do you understand the most common meaning of self-gratification? Is this meant to be funny in some way? If it is I don't actually find it very amusing given some recent court cases and, if not, you may want to make yourself aware of its connotations.

    If this is a genuine post, and you have simply used an inappropriate turn of phrase, I certainly hope you get some enjoyment from your job and don't just suffer it for the "progression of the children" - martyrdom shouldn't be a requirement of any school support role.
  11. How very rude.
  12. mzfabulous; I think you may be unaware that many TAs are very highly qualified: I trained for a year at University, had to do a minimum of 10 hours a week at school, a day at uni each week, and was expected to make full use of the uni library and read widely in order to complete the written course work. To get on this Advanced Certificate for Specialist Teaching Assistants I had to have five O and three A levels, as if I was applying for teacher Training.

    The course taught us how to assist the teacher and teach the "three Rs" and we were mentored by a fully trained teacher who watched and assessed us each week. Many in my cohort were trained Nursery Nurses who were needing to do this course so they could properly do their job effectively in school as they were working with small groups and sometimes the whole class, teaching maths, reading and writing, and supporting children with a variety of special needs. I now work in a year 6 class, and support a group of lower ability learners in maths and literacy and also a group of children working at level 6 in maths and literacy. I also have taken the whole class for regular PPA cover.

    Shall I compare that to Nursery Nurse training? To say all TAs are a poor substitute and have a lack of understanding is downright rude and also incorrect.
  13. Also this is a direct quote from NAPTA: " The STAC course...is an academic course that is generally regarded as a slightly higher level qualification than NVQ Level 3.... is a level 1 undergraduate course which may be worth 60 CATs points towards a degree. It is recognised by the DCSF as being suitable as part of a route towards Qualified Teacher Status."
  14. helenparton_hp_hp

    helenparton_hp_hp New commenter

    Hi I hope you don't mind but I'm wanting to know iv got my NNEB does that mean I can apply for level 3 teaching assistant jobs. Thanks Helen
  15. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    Yes, you can.
  16. olunchick

    olunchick Occasional commenter

    To answer original poster’s question the main difference is in the balance of your bank account. (Haven’t read any other posts.)
  17. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    NNEBs can be Officer in Charge in a Private nursery however as far as I am aware( I don't do any private nursery work nowdays) a TA can't. In our county they are classed as Level 3 despite opposition. Our tutors felt the later Diploma candidates should be Level four and in some counties they achieved this. I continued studying and gained Level Four by other means.
    The thing is that some people treat it as a job and some a dedication regardless of qualification.

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