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Level 2 TA or Level 3! whats the difference???

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by poppy6, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. I am hoping someone out there an give me a proper answer to this question.
    I have been a TA for a few years now and i love it, I was employed as a Level 2 TA and that is were i have remained.
    I have done the Level 3 training and passed with flying colours, but the one question that i never seem to be able to get to the bottom of is 'What does a level 3 TA do that a Level 2 doesn't do???
    There are level 3 TA's in my school that I know for a fact don't do anything different to me. It makes my blood boil because it just seems as though it's 'If ya face fits'
    Does anyone out there have a good answer to this question?
    And do i need to mention the Fixed term contract senerio??
  2. Well at my school you have to be a level three to work in the Reception class.We have level two and level three TA's at our school but I don't notice any difference in expectation.
  3. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    At our school level 3 are with a child with a statement. They have to do all the planning for that child to help differenc their learning. We also have a level 3 that works as a learning mentor, planning, taking out and marking groups of childrens work. She works under the senco. All classroom tas are at levelk 1. Level twos are with children that have IPRAs, but are not as needy as level 3 children.
    Level 3s in reception are just the old nursery nurses as they are now classed a level 3 teaching assistants.
  4. It is the same at my school in that, those of them that did the NNEB years ago are now classed as Level 3 TA's. How ridiculous is that?
    How can a nursery nurse have the same knowledge as a Teaching assistant who has done level 3 qualification???
    I did my level 3 last year and it was all to do with supporting the childs learning, how to support children with additional needs and a big focus on Inclusion. That was only a little part of it, I could go on. I just want to know what part of the nursery nurse training covered these and other such issues?
  5. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    That would be the two-year full-time NNEB training, poppy6! [​IMG] It covered a huge range of topics particularly all areas of child development including physical, cognitive, emotional and social, special needs of all kinds (most of us did a specific Special Needs placement during our training which wouldn't be available to someone doing an NVQ based in a school without such a unit), lesson-planning, health issues and many, many more.
    I am not employed, nor have I ever been, as a Nursery Nurse but I still, all these years later, am extremely glad that I had such a wide-ranging and professional training with placements in schools which I would not have experienced otherwise.
    I think we need to be very cautious about making judgments about our colleagues - most of my mine who did the same training tend to share the feeling that completing and NVQ can't begin to compare to our training (over many more hours, I hasten to add) but I'm sure that this just reflects the fact that we don't know enough about that training.
    You will find that many long-serving head teachers will still admit that they rate an NNEB qualification very highhly and it remains, in many local authorities, the first qualification listed as being appropriate for a level 3 job - please do not assume that 'Nursery Nurse' was a title for an unqualified skivvy - it was very far from it and I can well understand the anger felt by people in this role when it was lumped into a level 3 TA job - something they saw as a definite downgrade of their professional skills!
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  6. its a shame that you are so ignorant that you think a L3 TA is a patch on a nursery nurse , i studied to Btec Dipolma in Nursery Nursing and early childhood studies (a proff qualifiacation) we studied for 2 years full time which inclued 3 days a week in collage and 2 days a week in placement and you had to pass an interview and provide refference to be allowed on the course we had to study among other things child
    development including physical, cognitive, emotional and speical needs , lesson-planning,
    health issuse, psycology ,first aid , a lot of theory of different educationalist . policy writing ect it was a very intense course which has served me well ,i really dont see how a level 2/3 TA can even be considered in the same light when you think these TA course are open to anyone and only last about 20 weeks , 1 day a week with about 20 hours placemnt . i know this because i am mentor to them when they come into my workplace , how on earth can these TA's with the type of training and the lack of experiance compare with a nursey nurse no way i say .and its a shame as its the kids who suffer being taught by TA's who are poorly trained with a lack of understanding in educational theory etc its all about saving money and providing a poor service , in fact i would go as far to say its an insult to nursey nurses everywhere to be labeled L3 TA and be lumped together with TA's who have had little /poor training in comprassion and provide poor service nursey nurses are far superieor to a TA any day of the week . Most schools will employ a TA L2 because they are cheap and it saves money you get two L2 TA for the price of a goood nursery nurse thats the bottomline but as the saying goes you pay peanuts you get moneys long live the proff nursery nurse
  7. tamtams

    tamtams New commenter

    Mzfabulous could I just add when I did my level 3 TA course 4 years ago it wasn't for 20 weeks, it was for the year. Yes I only had to do 6 hours a week in a placement for the year, and only attended college for 4 hours a week, however, the course work wasn't easy and very time consuming.
  8. I qualified as an NNEB
  9. I qualified as an NNEB and now work as a HLTA. Can I ask you why you feel the NNEB qualification is less inferior to that of a level 3 teaching assistant? NNEB training consisted of 2 years full time training in every aspect of child develpoment from the ages of 0-7 ,We currently have level 3 qualified staff who committed to 1 day a week/month training to tick boxes for particular modules. NNEB's did<u> not</u> wish to be assimlated to the same level as a level 3 TA as we know our role is diversely more complex, specialised and unique. TA's are trained to assist in delivering the curriculum and concerned with ensuring children meet set targets to progress to certain curriculum levels under the direction of a class teacher. The NNEB is the class Teacher in certain learning environments with level 3 TA's working under their direction. The 2 roles are very different and through no choice of our own we were 'bunched' as 'school support staff' and therefore 'levelled'. My argument to you is how the hell can a TA have the same knowledge, expertise and specialised training as a Nursery nurse???? I agree your training may have been in supporting childrens learning including those with 'additional needs' and a 'big' focus on inclusion but the training of an NNEB involves the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and language developement of all children, whome eventually, with correct support will be able to access the curriculum as independent learners and possibly may need the 'help' of a teaching assistant to help reach predicted levels. My advice to you is to respect each professional in their role as child educator s and realise we all have one goal in mind and that is to ensure that every child, from whatever walk in life has the best education from those that care..
  10. Moeduf- I totally agree! It annoys me intensely, that the school I work at , lumps us NNEBS together with the Teaching Assistants.I am not now, and never have been a Teaching Assistant. I trained and qualified as an NNEB and my contract is for Nursery Nurse .We have two NNEB''We both have the NNEB and many years of experience in different settings. I have 39 years.We both take charge of the nursery in the teacher's absence- usually , one of us acting as Teacher and the other as NNEB- depending on whether it is am or pm. We also ran the nursery together, when one teacher left and was not replaced for the Summer term. This meant writing the reports, taking parents evening and updating the profiles etc.We have had many Teachers in the nursery, who are not Foundation trained. Often have had to help teachers we get, with ideas and the kinds of activities the nursery children are able to do, as they expect the children to do activities that are above their ability- and when we 'do' have supply teachers,we have to tell them what needs to be done, while they earn twice as much as us.We have had teachers who don't consider the children's emotions and think that if a child is uncharacteristically upset or having behaviour problems, it is not our business to try to find out about the home life so that we can understand the child and know how to deal with the problem. I respect our teaching assistants and think they do an excellent job , but the two roles and training are totally different. My gripes are- why can't we be given more respect, pay appropriate to our level of training and our right title- NNEB littlebubbly
  11. This is why I'm glad to be out of the school environment and no longer working as a TA. I was employed as a basic TA on &pound;5.80 per hour, yet did over and above the work of a level 2. I took groups out on my own, worked with SEN, worked in all year groups from reception up to yr 6, covered classes in teacher absences, marked etc. I didnt have any NVQs - I was never given the opportunity to take them as the school always gave the training to younger staff. I have a degree by the way. What would that be equal to in NVQ terms? I also worked way over my normal hours and put in lots of work at home, all unpaid and unappreciated.
    The underpayment and exploitation of school support staff is an issue that never seems to go away. It isnt in the schools' interests to make TA a profession, with the same rights/benefits as teachers. They simply couldnt afford this. If they had to pay you a decent wage, most of you would be out of a job. That's the way I see it. I know how hard many TAs work and what a fantastic job they do and it pains me to hear they still feel so unappreciated. I no longer work in a school. I know I am financially better off doing what I do now. OK, I dont have all the holidays, but I dont really miss them.
  12. You've just about summed up everything on the behalf of how I'm sure most of us with a NNEB qualification feels.
  13. What a disgusting attitude you have towards your fellow professionals, you talk about respect, well look it up as I don't think you know what it means, get off your soap box and get over yourself, you don't deserve to to work in our profession!!
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  14. By the way that was aimed at poppy6
  15. all grades are task related. To be level 3 you will have some type of staff working below you or at times you will have sole control/authority over a small group or class. Get a copy os the single status agreement from your LEA for further clarification. You will not automatically be paid as a level 3 unless you get a level 3 job.
  16. I am a NNEB Nusery Nurse and also trained as a level 3 teaching assistant you are so right, the job that people applied for, be it level 2/3 that is what you will be paid for. And for the people who moan and complain, if you applied for ajob as a level 2/3 teaching assistant you will be paid a level two or three post. Each school that we all work at, are differentand at the end of the day, it is all down to money and what the head teacher expects from us, so for all the people out there who are moaning you seem to forget with out these children it is simple, you would not have a job. NNEB/ LEVEL 2/3/4 if you want these status and to be recognised, ask your head teacher for further training if the school can afford it.we should all be prepared to wok above and beyound our duty for each child,
  17. Poppy. Nursery nurses are qualified in the care and education of children up to the age of 8.
    19 in SEN.
    They have always been classed as lever3 (some level4) The NNEB IS a level 3 qualification! The NNEB was a full time 2 year course covering all aspects of teaching and learning. Remember that teaching assistants are assistants, they assist the teacher. A qualified Nursery nurse is a qualified professional not an assistant!
  18. chey

    chey New commenter

    Reawales ---- so true !
  19. in my school you cannot leave more than half your class alone with a TA level 2. Level 3 TAs can be left alone with the whole class for a short length of time
  20. bulldog

    bulldog New commenter

    Im a TA level 2.

    I have worked with NNEB that was level 4.

    She spent half her time asking me what the plans meant, how to complete keyworker files and generally what was going on where we worked. We did exactly the same job!

    We were a team, so I didnt mind! What I do mind is NNEBs thinking they are "better" than TAs!

    Supposed to be professional people, and everyone has a particular strength/weakness.

    Im actually a qualified nurse, paediatric trained also so had NNEBs "under" me in my previous role. So does that means even tho Im ONLY a TA2 Im actually "better" than them?

    So people need to get over themselves I think.

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