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Level 2 Package for Year 12

Discussion in 'Vocational' started by happilyconfused2, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. happilyconfused2

    happilyconfused2 New commenter

    I am looking at a Level 2 package for students joining in Year 12. As a school we cannot offer the more practical courses but could offer some level 2 courses to run along with English and Maths re-sits. Ideally want it to be something the students have not done before so not Media or IT. Has anyone had success with Travel & Tourism or Retail courses or Personal Finance or Public Services?
  2. gsglover

    gsglover Occasional commenter

    No- just the opposite actually
  3. Matt_phillips8

    Matt_phillips8 New commenter

    What about L2 Business BTEC?
  4. blt

    blt New commenter

    I have been looking at the courses offered by NCFE for my learners - there are so many and the customer support really is good.
  5. saluki

    saluki Lead commenter

    Having taught some students in vocational areas, but not their vocational subject, they all say that they wish they knew about income tax, insurance, PAYE. Many of them hope to start their own businesses and feel that they lack the knowledge in this area. Therefore, I would try Personal Finance which should provide a sound basis for starting out into the world.
    Public services - usually nice kids who think that the qualification will get them into the Police Force, Fire Brigade, Army - it won't. Business studies - usually arrogant kids who think they will become the next Richard Branson. Retail - not bad kids who think they will be Retail managers. They will become shop assistants. Travel and Tourism - nice kids, I actually had one who went on to become an air hostess. I would say that 60-70% of vocational students do not enter the workplace related to their studies.
  6. whitea

    whitea New commenter

    We offer NCFE Supporting Teaching and Learning Level 2 Certificate. This is the qualification that Learning Support Assistants are encouraged to take at Level 3 and it is a good stepping stone. They can act as trainee LSAs in lower school whilst resitting Maths and or English.
  7. vickrixter

    vickrixter New commenter

    Hi there..
    I set up a similar thing at my school - btec level 2in travel, public services, business and resits in English and maths. Worked well, although warning about btec - a huge amount of work for the teachers. Very heavy in paperwork.
    Good luck!

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